10 Little Things that Make a Special Needs Mom’s Day

10 Little Things that Make a Special Needs Mom's Day - jenniferajanes.com

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I say it often, I know. But I’m going to say it again. Moms (and dads and siblings) of kids with special needs have special needs too. While these families would love to be blessed by you in big ways, the little things can mean just as much because they let them know you care and are thinking about them.

Want to know some little things you can do to make a special needs mom’s day? Read on!

10 Little Things that Make a Special Needs Mom’s Day

  1. Send a card. I know many of us don’t think about sending physical cards much anymore, but taking a few minutes to write a quick note in one and stick it in the mail can be a big boost to a mom who has been dealing with meltdowns, medication regimens, and therapy appointments all day. That card could be just what she needs to make it to bedtime.
  2. Make a call. When you have a few spare minutes, pick up the phone and call her. Knowing someone is thinking of her and took the time to touch base means more than you realize.
  3. Tap out a message. Whether it’s a quick text or shout out on social media, let her know you’re thinking of her and ask how she’s doing. Her response will probably be brief, but it will mean a lot that you cared enough to check in.
  4. Invite. Are you going to the park with your kids that afternoon? Are you planning to have a fast food lunch at the new place with an indoor playground? Invite her to go along. Her schedule may not allow it, but she (and her kids) will appreciate the invitation and may be able to go with you and enjoy some much-needed time away from everything, even if only for an hour.
  5. Touch. When you see her, offer that mom a hug or a light touch on the arm as you greet her. (Of course, if she doesn’t appreciate physical touch, this one won’t help. 😉 ) Often, special needs moms could use some supportive physical touch after having a needy child clinging to her all day.
  6. Give. I have a friend who will often give me a small gift when I see her at church. These aren’t necessarily expensive, but they do let me know that she’s thinking about me while she goes about her days, and I really appreciate that. Choose a pretty necklace, book, box of tea, mug, or something else she will use repeatedly. She will remember your friendship and concern whenever she uses your gift.
  7. Offer. Are you running to the grocery store for your weekly shopping trip? Send the special needs mom a quick text and ask her if she needs for you to pick up anything for her while you’re there. (Most moms won’t take advantage of you, I promise! She will probably offer to pay you back when you drop off the items.) There have been days that I just needed some soy milk or several bananas to get me through a couple of days but was unable to leave the house because my daughter was ill or out of sorts. My friends have been lifesavers, especially when my husband was out-of-town on business.
  8. Ask. Go ahead and ask her to volunteer at Vacation Bible School or for the PTA bake sale. She may not be able to do it, but knowing that you consider her contribution valuable and would like for her to take part will make her feel good. Who knows, she might actually be able to help!
  9. Mom’s Night Out. Often, I will make arrangements with my husband to sneak away for a couple of hours to go out with a friend. We usually don’t do anything but get a glass of iced tea in a local restaurant and visit, but those are real times of refreshing for me. (You could also do a Mom’s Day Out if you’re getting away on the weekend, during the day.) Ask the special needs mom if she could arrange to get away so you can both chat and relax for a bit.
  10. Speak up. Do you admire the special needs mom for how she juggles her family’s schedule and still manages to keep a smile on her face? Tell her! Moms with children with special needs often experience misunderstandings with family and well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) bystanders when things go south in public. They can feel like failures. Be sure to tell her the positive things you see about how she handles everything. Knowing that someone else sees all the hard work she does and that she’s doing a good job will give her something positive to think about when the hard times come again.

What little things make your day?

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24 Responses to 10 Little Things that Make a Special Needs Mom’s Day

  1. Jen says:

    Great list and I totally agree!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Make a call – just the sound of a voice can brighten any Mama’s Day! I love you sweet friend and all of our conversations brighten my days!

  3. Lena says:

    Sending a card … Every time I open my mailbox to find a card from my Arkansas Mom, my heart melts and my burdens seem a thousand times lighter. They always come just when I need them most too. It’s like she knows … I need to get better about sending out cards, especially since my life doesn’t always lend itself to picking up the phone.

    Love you, Jennifer! So blessed to have you in my life!

    • She may not know, Lena, but God does! I hear you about not always being able to pick up the phone. Life can be like that!

      I love you too! I’m so thankful for the #embracethecrazy Twitter fun that led to our friendship!

  4. Darlene says:

    Ok that’s it. Girly, inbox me your address :) great list..

  5. This is great. These would be great to do for adoptive or foster moms, too!

  6. Joy says:

    This is a wonderful list and can be used for any mom. I know getting a phone call or a card in the mail really brightens my day! :)

  7. Great list! And definitely one for any mom.

  8. Jill Messenger says:

    What a great list!

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  10. kim says:

    What a great list. Just returned from a Joni & Friends retreat and it was so awesome seeing the moms loving on each other. I love #5 – Touch – a hug goes a long way!

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  14. Becky says:

    I totally agree with this list!! As a special needs mama, these things really help. Thanks for sharing this!!

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