10 Random Thoughts: A Peek into My Mind

This week’s “10 in 10” topic is 10 Totally Random Things on Your Mind. Surprisingly, the randomness is more difficult for me than the more structured topics. In an effort to beat the block that’s trying to set up in my mind, I’m going to just share the thoughts roaming around in my brain. Enjoy the sneak peek!

  1.  Our church is having VBS this week. I love volunteering with VBS, but it’s at night, and it’s tiring. I’m going to try to get some extra rest so I can keep up my energy level, and I’m praying that many children will know how much Jesus loves them and will commit their lives to Him!
  2. Our school year starts in two weeks. We’re starting early, and I’m pleased with the progress I’m making in cleaning out and reorganizing our school room. I’m also excited about the learning we’re going to do together this school year!
  3. I’m being Wrecked. I was given the amazing opportunity to get an advanced copy of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life by Jeff Goins. God has worked on my life in this area for a while. This is just confirmation that I’ve got to allow myself to be completely wrecked so I can fulfill His purpose for me. I want to do what I was put on this planet to do! (By the way, you can read the first part of the book *FREE* while you wait for the release date. Just visit Wrecked and sign up for the download. Don’t order the book yet, though! See the site for details.)
  4. I’m determined to win the battle in my mind. For years, I have fought against fear and anxiety. I am determined to win that battle once and for all. I really believe that I can walk in God’s perfect peace despite adverse circumstances. I’m spending time in the Word and prayer every day to renew my mind, and I’m studying The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. I want to change my destructive thinking patterns!
  5. We got some rain over the weekend! We’ve been in a drought for over two years. Every drop of rain we get demands a celebration!
  6. We’re going to watch Dolphin Tale this week. The Summer Movie Clubhouse we participate in is showing the movie this week, and I can’t wait. We’ve seen it once before, but I’m really a sucker for movies where the impossible becomes possible. (Isn’t that what the life of faith is all about?) Yes, I will cry. Again.
  7. I’m reading some interesting Christian fiction. The 7 Hours series from  Tyndale House Publishers is very different from the fiction I usually read. It’s a series of short stories in which Time visits a person who is about to die and offers a choice: extend life seven hours or go back in time to a day of that person’s choosing and live seven hours of it over again. Either way, at the end of the seven hours, the person dies, whether or not the situation has changed. I pre-ordered this a while back, and I’ve been reading since it was delivered to my Kindle. If the premise interests you, check it out!
  8. I’ve got to start exercising again. My injured toe is well enough that I think I can do some exercise now. It’s so hard to get started again after an extended break. I always feel better mentally and physically when I’m exercising regularly, but it’s hard to make myself do it!
  9. My cats will be 16 years old in the fall. (How’s that for random?) I’ve been thinking about that lately because one, in particular, is starting to show some signs of advanced age. That makes me sad because she’s my lap cat. She sits on my lap while I write (she’s there now), she lays next to me while I read, she makes herself comfortable on the floor and watches me while I’m puttering around the kitchen or cleaning out and reorganizing. It’s hard to realize that she’s growing older and her time with me may be nearing an end.
  10. This is a weird list. Is that just how lists of random thoughts are?

What are you thinking right now?

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  1. Loved the list! Neat idea when you have writer’s block. Wrecked sounds like an interesting book, and I can relate to #4. I pray that you find that peace.

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