10 Reasons I Love My Well Planned Day Planner {Review}

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10 Reasons I Love My Well Planned Day Planner

Next month I will begin my third year using the Well Planned Day Planner in our homeschool. I have tried other homeschool planners and lesson planning books, but none have suited my needs as well as this one. Here’s why:

  1. It’s pretty. There, I admitted it. I love that the Well Planned Day Planner is just as pretty as it is functional. The color scheme changes every month, and it’s full of flowers, butterflies, and swirls that make me happy. I spend a lot of time documenting our learning activities in my planner, and I like that it’s enjoyable to pick up and use.
  2. It’s got everything for homeschool recordkeeping. I love that my planner has a place to record what lessons we worked on each day, a place to keep grades and attendance, and even report cards I can remove, fill out, and keep as documentation for our homeschool.
  3. It’s affordable. A few years ago, I purchased a lesson planning book, report cards, an attendance book, and some other things to help me keep records for our homeschool. It got expensive quickly! I love that I can get all that and more for less than $30.
  4. It has extras. Each month has an encouraging or instructional article for homeschooling parents to read to help them lead their homeschool in a God-honoring fashion. There are also perforated shopping lists you can use to jot down your weekly shopping list or other notes as they occur to you. It has a place to document your weekly priorities and write down your dinner menu. There’s also a weekly catechism question and answer to work on with your children and a verse of the week to meditate on while you work on lesson plans. (And there’s even more than this!)
  5. It has a monthly calendar. I can’t tell you how many planning systems I’ve looked at that have the weekly planning pages but no monthly calendar. I need the monthly calendar so I can note when we have therapy sessions, specialist appointments, field trips, etc. Then I can plan our weeks accordingly. It just doesn’t work as well for me without the ability to see the month as a whole.
  6. It has space to document for more than one child. Some planners I’ve looked at don’t have enough space to document lessons, attendance, or grades for multiple children. The Well Planned Day Planner has everything (including report cards) for four children, so there’s plenty for my two! I’m sure there are ways you can adapt the space available for more.
  7. It’s a paper planner. I have tried some digital planners in addition to the failed paper planners, and this is by far my favorite. I have really wanted to love digital lesson planners, but I guess I’m just a little old-fashioned when it comes to my lesson plan book. I love to be able to flip through the well-worn pages and see physical evidence of the progress we’ve made each week, month, and school year.
  8. It’s compact. Having all of my homeschool records in one spiral-bound book makes it easy to store everything without taking up a lot of space.
  9. My kids like it. Not only do they agree the Well Planned Day Planner is pretty, but they have seen the difference in when I’m organized and following a plan, and when I’m not. They prefer the organized mommy.
  10. It keeps our homeschool on track. We’re not working haphazardly through curriculum when I’m using a good planner. When I keep good records of what we’re doing and can look back at what we’ve done, it helps me to plan ahead so that we reach our goals for the school year. That’s important when you don’t reach your last day of school until those goals are met. 😉

Well Planned Day Planner Pages

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17 Responses to 10 Reasons I Love My Well Planned Day Planner {Review}

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  2. Lynnea says:

    Thanks for showing some of the inside pages as well. It is so hard for me to pick a planner without “touching” it. Being able to see the inside is definitely helpful when not holding it!

    • You’re welcome! I love that this year’s planner made the monthly calendar two pages instead of one (which was significantly smaller, but still helpful), like the past two years! I have a hard time choosing planners without IRL experience too. I tried to include what I would want to see.

  3. I wouldn’t mind trying that – I have been using an online planner for years, the Simply Charlotte Mason Organizer, and I love it. It fits the way we work. But as my daughter enters 8th grade (!!!!) some of her courses become more regimented, and I think I could try to use a paper planner.

  4. Yelissca says:

    Thank you,
    Thank you your input and for sharing pictures on how the planner is helpful to you and the family.
    We are strongly thinking about homeschooling but I’m a little scare, wel be hbeaving a 9th grader next August and I want to be very prepared before we start.


    • I can understand being uncertain when you’re looking at homeschooling for the first time, and for high school! There are a lot of great resources available through organizations, blogs, books, etc. to help you homeschool high school. I wish you all the best!

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  6. Katie F says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am new to homeschooling and have not yet found one that I would think would work for me. This might be it.

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  8. kewkew says:

    Haven’t tried using a planner before, maybe this would help me stay organized better.

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