10 Things About Me: An Introduction

Over the past several months, many new readers have joined me here. I am excited about that, and I have enjoyed getting to know you some through your comments and through visiting your blogs. I have done a list of not-as-well-known facts about me before, but it’s been a while. For those of you who haven’t gotten to know the quirks that make up my unique personality, I thought I would make you a list.

  1.  I have considered myself a writer since I was in the first grade. Seriously. I haven’t always been willing to admit that, but I have written (and wanted others to read what I’ve written) since I was six years old.
  2. I prefer to type, but if I have to write longhand, it’s got to be blue ink. I have preferred blue ink since I was in school, but in college I let some professors convince me that black was more professional. I used black for years, and then I realized that I was typing much more than I was writing, and no one I wrote things for cared what color ink I use. I switched back to blue and haven’t looked back.
  3. I love to read. I mean, I really love to read. I have a ridiculous list of things I’m reading, and I can lose myself in a book for hours on end. I regularly read while I’m washing my face and brushing my teeth to prepare for bedtime. I’ve always got to finish one more chapter!
  4. I’m an eBook convert. I was firmly convinced that I would never read eBooks. I wanted to stay with print. Then I was given a Kindle. Now, I read both, but I lean heavily toward eBooks because they’re so portable. (I felt the same way about my calendar. Now I’m 90% digital with my scheduling.)
  5. I have two cats. They will be sixteen years old this year, and I’m going to miss them when they’re gone. Jazmine is a recluse who will only socialize with me. My husband can go for days without seeing her. Lilly is the social butterfly and has been my reading buddy all that time. I’ve had my cats longer than I’ve known my husband!
  6. I’m not a morning person. I often joke that God finds it amusing that I’m the only night owl in a family of early birds. I’m not proud of it, but I’m often the last one out of bed at my house. (I love that my husband lets me sleep in a little!) I’m trying to make myself go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and get some things done (read: Bible study and writing) before the kids wake up.
  7. I’ve read the NIV1984 for over 20 years.  I enjoy reading and studying from other translations, and I have tried to make a “permanent” switch, but I always go back to NIV1984.
  8. The girls and I eat lunch with my grandmother (the girls’ great-grandmother!) every week. We make time in our homeschool schedule to do things like this. I believe that family is important, and we learn things from her and her wisdom that are better than anything I can teach them from a book. We usually spend about an hour and a half with her, and we just mark it in the lesson plans as lunch and recess.
  9. I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative. In addition to writing and publishing posts for various blogs online (that online writing credits page is coming soon!), the girls and I run a home business selling and delivering Avon products. It has been fun for us and is finally starting to make some money! (If we can help you out, visit my online store.)
  10. I struggle with the convention scene. I have been to two conferences in the past couple of years. Both were blogging-related. One was also for homeschool parents. I love the anticipation, the social media buzz, and the excitement of getting ready for a conference. I enjoy the conferences—meeting the people in person that I’ve developed relationships with online, hearing wonderful speakers, learning things that will improve my writing—and am sad to see them end. The struggle comes with how surreal they feel because they’re over so quickly after all the build up! It’s almost hard for me to realize that I was really there.
It’s your turn! Please share something fun about yourself in the comments.

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12 Responses to 10 Things About Me: An Introduction

  1. Jenilee says:

    oh! so many things… totally love NIV1984. I’m with you! the color ink thing cracked me up :) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. I am an ebook convert too. Love being able to take that many books with me where ever I go… so convenient! great post!

  2. Amy Young says:

    You forgot to mention that you (and your best friend/sister) are queso dip and chocolate chip cookie bar connoisseurs! :)

  3. Amanda Cross says:

    Jennifer, I enjoyed reading this post. I was thinking the other day if you had a Kindle. I just discovered the lending feature. I have several books on mine as well. Maybe we can swap sometime? I’m more of a print girl myself. I love having the book in my hand, turning the page, and highlighting. I have a large print and digital collection. I’m the opposite with scrapbooking. I’d much rather use digital products. My favorite Bible versions are the NLT and the NET.

    • Thanks, Amanda! Yes, I was given a Kindle last year when a friend from church upgraded to an iPad. I’d love to swap sometime! I’m a little backlogged on my reading right now, so that might need to wait a bit while I get caught up.

      I have large collections of both as well. I like to have the physical book when I know I’m going to do a lot of highlighting and taking notes.

      I have spent a little time in the NLT, but I’m not familiar with the NET. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Angela says:

    I love that you have that special time with your grandmother. I have always longed for a relationship like that with mine. What a lovely time to share with your girls.

  5. Lindsay @ Bytes of Memory says:

    What a great list of things! I have been reading your blog for a little while.. not sure if I have ever commented before though. I too thought I would never be an e-book reader but LOVE them! Something fun about me… I have to clean my ears every night w/ a q-tip.. I know its suppose to not be good for your ears.. but they feel so dirty if I don’t 😉

    • Thanks for sharing that little tidbit, Lindsay! Isn’t it funny how quirky we can be?

      Thanks for coming back to visit again! (For the record, my dashboard tells me this was your second comment. 😉 )

  6. Michelle Noel says:

    1. I love Jesus
    2. I love animals and have 3 dogs, a cat, chickens, quail, pigeons, and rabbits.
    3. I hunt and fish with my dad.
    4. I am a certified music teacher and currently teach music lessons and substitute teach.
    5. I own Digi Music Academy. We offer live online music lessons & group classes for all ages. We have classes for kids, adults, and homeschoolers. Facebook.com/digimusicacademy. Twitter.com/digimusiconline.
    6. I love being outside.
    7. I was raised by my grandparents.
    8. I took karate.
    9. I was “Rabbit Duchess” of the county 4-H Fair when I was in middle school.

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