10 Things I Learned About Myself This Week

10 Things I Learned About Myself This Week - jenniferajanes.com

10 Things I Learned About Myself This Week

If you’re counting on an update on my reading and writing activities this week, I’m afraid that I’m a complete failure. Am I reading? Yes. Am I writing? Yes, more and more each week. I’m getting into the habit of daily writing so that I can reach my goals.

Can I tell you exactly which books I read or exactly which projects I wrote this week? Not at the moment. And the reason is because of some things I learned about myself this week:

  1. I am WAY better at setting goals for myself than I am at reaching them, and that is because . . .
  2. I am really good at thinking I have more hours in a day than actually exist.
  3. When I have friends in crisis, everything else goes to the back burner while I intercede for them, listen to them, and check on them multiple times a day.
  4. When I don’t feel well (and I haven’t this week, due to some sinus issues and a temporary side effect of a new medication), I move in slow motion, like I’m trying to walk and think through molasses. This does not lead to accomplishing all the overly ambitious goals I have set for myself.
  5. I’m still not good at waiting to hear results of medical tests or job applications, or for mail to arrive that is long overdue.
  6. I am more easily distracted than I was when I was younger, which is something I’m working on. I’m trying to make myself focus on one task at a time, finish that task, and move on. When I don’t, I find myself not completing anything but with 589 unfinished tasks all over the house.
  7. I do better if I break big projects down into smaller tasks. Instead of thinking about writing the whole book, when I sit down, I tell myself that I’m going to write 1000 words today. If I go over, great. If I make myself sit in the chair and write until I hit 1000, checking word count every five seconds, well . . . . At least I finally got 1000 words done.
  8. I am just as proud of my “daughters of the heart” that I am a sort of mom/mentor to as I am my biological children.
  9. I don’t miss chocolate as much as I thought I would, but . . .
  10. I am not doing so well at kicking the soft drink/caffeine habit.

Bonus: When there are stressful situations with my friends or family, I can function fairly normally and look like I’m being really productive, but when it’s time to give an accounting, my mind goes blank. I’ll try to do better next week!

On Monday, I’ll be running the last review/giveaway of the summer, which gets me mostly caught up on those. On July 28, we’ll be transitioning back into our school year, so you’ll hear more about that, and I’ll start working on some of the other posts and projects I’m planning! But first . . .

What’s something you learned about yourself this week?

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4 Responses to 10 Things I Learned About Myself This Week

  1. Angie says:

    I’m sitting here reading this with my jaw dropped to the floor because most of those things are exactly what I have been learning about myself lately… and some of them are things that I also do but hadn’t realized. (This could also be why I’m a terrible accountability partner… that and my horrible procrastination habit.)

    I always thought that by getting older I would be better at these things, not worse.

    Praying that you are able to find more ways to build a routine for goals that work as I do the same.

    • We’re going to get it figured out, Angie. There has been too much *life* going on this year, you know? If you find any really good resources that would help us with our goal-setting and completing, please let me know. I haven’t given up on either of us!

  2. Gabriella says:

    I love #5 (because it most applies to me right now), but I can relate to each of these as well! In a discussion I had with someone about the point of “we’ll figure it out”, I was told that perhaps we’re not meant to figure it all out and to be willing to let it go. I have a hard time of just saying, “Ok. I’ll let it go now.” I feel it’s a process, so I completely agree with you, Jennifer that we have had too much of “life” happen – some of it all in one week! While I don’t discount what others are going through, I am very much respectful of the process of figuring things out and what they mean in my life at this moment. Only then can I let it all go…

    Enjoyed reading this.

    • Thanks, Gabriella. I can’t claim to have figured everything out, but when I started to write this post detailing what I accomplished this week, my mind was a complete blank. What you read above took shape as I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t remember!

      I agree that we’re not always supposed to be able to figure it out. I think sometimes we’re just supposed to accept that life is and move on. If we knew all the whys and wherefores of life, I don’t think we would truly comprehend them. My brain just isn’t that big!

      Have a blessed week!

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