10 Ways to Know Summer Has Arrived

  1. It’s hot. (Really hot—90+ degrees in May. It will be much worse in July and August.)
  2. It’s so humid you can swim in the air. (It’s really not the heat. It’s the humidity.)
  3. Your kids are finished with their grade-level curriculum, and the day’s lessons involve reviewing math facts and reading a book together.
  4. You can’t walk outside without getting bitten by a mosquito (or a lot of mosquitoes).
  5. There’s sunscreen and bug repellent by the back door. (see #4)
  6. Your kids (and to be honest, you too) would rather be outside than inside.
  7. Your kids are so sweaty and grimy from their outdoor activities that they often need more than one bath a day.
  8. Popsicles become a separate food group (or are considered a fruit if they contain any fruit juice).
  9. Supper often consists of sandwiches and salads because it’s just too hot to cook.
  10. As much as you enjoy the season, you occasionally find yourself dreaming of the day in late October when you’ll get that first hint that cooler weather is on its way.

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6 Responses to 10 Ways to Know Summer Has Arrived

  1. Carmen Propps says:

    I’ll add another: You get your hair shorn like a sheep so your head won’t be so hot you have a heat stroke!


  2. Carmen Propps says:

    I get the October thing, too!


  3. 1)It is definitely HOT out. The car door handle cannot be touched.
    2)Humidity comes in July, August, and sometimes September once the monsoon season starts. Actually that’s my favorite time of year here in the Sonoran Desert.
    3)Would not choose outside over inside here. Air-conditioning is too comfortable. Only people outside this time of year are fried, dried up like prunes. Or crazies who can’t pull themselves away from playing golf. No one walks during the day. Most walk outside at night with flashlights to ward off the snakes.
    4)Definitely can not wait until November (here) when we might get a cool evening breeze!

    Fun post, Jennifer

    • Thanks, Janis!

      I’m sorry you live in a ridiculously warm place too! We set a record high here on Tuesday. 96 degrees—already! Not a good sign for July and August.

      I appreciate you adding your own “ways to know”! :)


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