100 Resources for Special Needs Parenting and Homeschooling

100 Resources for Special Needs Parenting and Homeschooling - jenniferajanes.com

100 Resources for Special Needs Parenting and Homeschooling

This list of resources for special needs parenting and homeschooling isn’t meant to be exhaustive. It’s a collection of links I’ve found that are both informative and helpful. I hope that it blesses you and gives you a starting point for your own research as well as encouragement for the journey.

Special Needs Parenting

1. Embracing My Son’s Autism: A Dad’s Perspective

2. I’d Have It No Other Way

3. Making a Way in the Wilderness: Marriage and Special Needs

4. 5 Ways Our Special Needs Child Strengthened Our Marriage (and How We Stayed Together)

5. The Profile of the Special Needs Family

6. Understanding the Financial Needs of a Special Needs Family (and how YOU can help!)

7. Life as a Special Needs Dad

8. Our Journey with Tube Feeding: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

9. Parenting a Child with PIDD

10. Dark House of Hope (PDD-NOS)

11. Etched Upon My Heart Forever (Down Syndrome)

12. Yes, Jaundice Can Do That (Kernicterus)

13. A Special Needs Mom with Special Needs

14. Encouragement for the Pregnant Special Needs Mom

15. We Called Him Superman: A Decision for Special Needs Adoption

16. Ezra’s Story: Not quite “typical” . . . not quite “special” (for the mom of the undiagnosed child)

17. In His Hands (4 lessons learned from adopting older special needs children)

18. The Challenges and Blessings of Parenting Special Needs Children with a Chronic Condition

19. Shea’s Story (on being a single special needs mom)

20. Dialogue: What TO Say – and What NOT to Say – to Special Needs Parents

21. Special Needs and Community: How Walls are Built

22. Bridging the Gap

23. Special Needs Moms: Are You Special or Just Like Other Moms?

24. Community in the Midst of Special Needs

25. What is Normal?

26. Coping with Family Discord as a Result of Your Child with Special Needs

27. 5 Practical Tips for Successful (and Joyful!) Playdates with a Special Needs Child

28. 25 Ways for Special Needs Parents to Recharge and Reach Out

29. 8 Good Things About Being a Special Needs Mom

30. You Might Be a Special Needs Mom If . . .

31. Love Notes to Special Needs Moms

32. Finding Hope When Your Child Has Special Needs

33. 15 Things Being a Mom of a Special Needs Child Is and Isn’t

34. The Blessing of Being a Special Needs Mom

35. Moms: You Choose Love

36. 15 Superpowers of Special Needs Moms

37. When Church Hurts

38. How to Start a Special Needs Ministry

39. 7 Ways Churches Can Love on Children with Special Needs

40. Confessions of a Special Needs Dad: The Pain of Losing My Son

41. 6 Secrets of Strong Special Needs Dads

42. 7 Things You Didn’t Know about a Special Needs Dad

43. 11 Things a Special Needs Dad Wants You to Know

44. 3 Ways to Make Your Marriage a Priority in a Special Needs Family

45. Staying United: Marriage and Special Needs

46. Is Happy Marriage Possible for Parents of Special Needs?

47. How to Take Care of Your Marriage When You Have a Child with Special Needs

48. Marriage and a Special Needs Child

49. Dining Out with Special Needs Kids

50. 11 Special Needs Parent New Year’s Resolutions

51. Navigating Disney with a Special Needs Child

52. A Comprehensive Guide to Special Needs Travel

53. The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Children with Special Needs

54. Ten Steps to Living (a Good) Life Between Doctor Appointments

55. Self-Care for Special Needs Parents

56. How to Explain Disability to a Child

57. Pass the Pull-Ups Please . . . The Secret to Potty Training . . . not really

58. Resources for Parents of Children with Autism

59. 5 Tips to Reduce Sensory Meltdowns During the Holidays

60. Is it REALLY Sensory Processing Issues?

61. Is it Behavior or Sensory Problems?

62. Tips for Dealing with Family Members with ADHD

63. How Our Autistic Son Finally Learned to Ride a Bike

 Special Needs Homeschooling

64. Homeschooling Special Needs Children – It IS Possible! Our Story

65. Dyslexia: Spelling Tips for Struggling Spellers

66. Special Needs Homeschooling at Pea of Sweetness

67. Special Needs Homeschooling – the blog by Heather Laurie

68. Labor of Love: How to Homeschool an ADHD Child

69. Reasons to Consider: Should I Homeschool My ADHD Child?

70. Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Artistic Children

71. You CAN Homeschool an ADHD Child

72. Homeschooling the ADHD Child at Ben and Me

73. Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs at Lemon Lime Adventures

74. 2012 Top Homeschool Special Needs Blogs

75. How to Combine Homeschooling and Special Needs Therapies (Without Losing Your Mind)

76. Homeschooling for Free and Frugal: Affording to Homeschool a Special Needs Child

77. Special Needs Homeschooling: An Adjustment in Expectations

78. Don’t Give Up! Homeschooling Encouragement with a Special Needs Child

79. 31 Days of Special Needs Homeschool Pinterest Hacks

80. 31 Days of Homeschooling on the Autism Spectrum

81. Top Ten Wednesday: Best Special Needs Blogs

82. ADHD Homeschooling at Look . . . We’re Learning!

83. Homeschooling Special Needs Students on YouTube – recording of iHomeschool Network Hangout

84. Special Needs Pinterest Board – Deb Chitwood

85. Education | Special Needs Pinterest Board – Stephanie of Harrington Harmonies

86. iHN Special Needs Homeschooling Pinterest Board – iHomeschool Network

87. What is Sensory Processing?

88. Why School is Hard for Kids with ADHD – and How You Can Help

89. Resources for Homeschooling and Special Needs

90. Benefits of Homeschooling a Child with Autism

91. Why Eclectic Homeschooling Works for My Son with Autism

92. 10 Things We Did to Encourage a Struggling Reader

93. Teaching Kids with Anxiety

94. Tips for Homeschooling a Child with Dyslexia

95. Establishing Homeschool Routines for Your Child with ADHD

96. Using Visual Schedules in Your Homeschool

97. 10 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool Your Kids with Dyslexia

98. Tips for Encouraging the Struggling Learner

99. Homeschooling with Dyslexia: What to Expect

100. Homeschooling with Dyslexia: How Dyslexics Learn

Bonus: Experience Dyslexia (dyslexia simulations)

If you’ve looked through very many of the links above, you’ve noticed that none of them point you to the articles I’ve written here, on my blog. I did that intentionally, to give you as much help as possible from a lot of different people and viewpoints. But if you’re interested, I’ll list some of my most popular posts. Start there, and feel free to explore from there.



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  1. Tove Maren says:

    Thank you for including my post (#54) in this list. This is an impressive resource for special needs families – I am sure many people will find this helpful – and feel like they have gained a community through your hard work.

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