2:1 Sponsor Deal: Always Icecream and Clever Dragons

I’m home from The 2:1 Conference! I had a wonderful time and fully intended to write about my experiences there long before now. Unfortunately, I came home from the conference with a sinus infection and ear infection—and I was recovering from bronchitis when I left. My energy level is nonexistent, so I’m checking in to let you know I’m still here, still okay, and I’ll fill you in on all the details as soon as I get some energy back!

BUT, I did want to let you know about that great code I shared with you before leaving for 2:1. My sponsor Always Icecream / Clever Dragons agreed to let me share the special conference code with you, and it’s only good for a limited time, so here’s the scoop. (Pun intended.)

Until Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012, you can use the code TwoToOne to get up to 40% off a membership to Always Icecream or Clever Dragons. The code gives different levels of discount for different membership options, so use the code no matter which membership you’re signing up for!

I’m frantically searching everywhere for my lost energy, and as soon as I find it, I’ll get back on a regular posting schedule. In the meantime, have a blessed week, and enjoy the Always Icecream / Clever Dragons code!


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  1. I’m sorry you came home sick. :( I hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to reading your recap of the conference!

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