8 Things My Kids Like about Homeschooling

I asked my kids what they like about homeschooling, gave them my camera, and discovered what my kids appreciate about a lifestyle of learning.

8 Things My Kids Like about Homeschooling

My kids enjoy homeschooling. How they feel about their educational experience and what we can do differently comes up as a topic of conversation on a regular basis. But sometimes I have a hard time getting them to tell me exactly what it is that they appreciate about the lifestyle of learning we’ve developed. I’m sure the answers will change soon, but when I gave my camera to my kids this weekend and asked them to take pictures of what they like about homeschooling (without repeating what we’ve already shared about our curriculum and school room), I learned a lot.


what my kids like about homeschooling

My twelve-year-old, BookGirl, chose these four pictures to represent what she likes about homeschooling.

  1. BookGirl loves that homeschooling gives her plenty of time to pursue her passions. One of her passions is dance. She will be starting her tenth year this fall, and she began taking classes this summer to earn her dance teacher certification by the time she graduates from high school.
  2. Another activity BookGirl enjoys is knitting. Because we homeschool, her evenings aren’t tied up with homework every night, so she has lots of time to knit and explore other creative pursuits.
  3. BookGirl loves being able to do her lessons with her cat Midnight nearby. That would never happen in the traditional classroom!
  4. BookGirl is a voracious reader, so her Kindle represents the time she has to explore many topics through reading.


what my kids like about homeschooling

My ten-year-0ld Princess took three pictures to show what she enjoys about homeschooling. (The fourth picture was a mutual response from both BookGirl and Princess, taken by BookGirl.)

5. Princess enjoys the opportunity to pursue her love of art and other creative projects when she’s finished with her lessons.

6. She plans to be a hair stylist when she grows up, and she spends some of her free time fixing her dolls’ hair into different styles in preparation for when she can begin cosmetology training.

7. Princess enjoys having her cat Oreo Cookie nearby while she’s doing her lessons. She caught Oreo enjoying a treat on her second birthday here.

8. Princess mentioned TV first, but BookGirl actually snapped this picture. Both of the girls enjoy watching documentaries from Netflix and YouTube to supplement what they learn during their lessons as well as to explore topics they’re interested in.


What do your kids enjoy about homeschooling?


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  1. Gwen says:

    What a lovely idea, giving the camera to your girls to answer this question! I think I might use your idea myself, if that’s OK! We just got two kittens in the past week, so it wouldn’t surprise me if cats feature in our children’s photos too :-)

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