Another Year of Christmas Blessings

Another Year of Christmas Blessings -

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Another Year of Christmas Blessings

As my husband and I discussed with our children things they would like for Christmas (some of which were later removed so part of the Christmas budget could be spent on items from Compassion International’s gift catalog—their idea, not ours!), we created a list, set a budget, and decided on two or three things each that we really wanted to get them this year.

Then the bottom fell out. In October, we had to do a major plumbing project on the house that I dubbed “The Great Plumbing Project of 2013,” and our plumber didn’t disagree with me. We had to put both vehicles in the shop for repairs, and one of them had to go in twice. The kids and I got sick, leading to doctor visits and prescriptions and more medical bills, and we had other expenses that crept in unexpectedly. Our Christmas budget was already quite low, but it was dwindling by the moment!

I went to the girls and asked them what their top request would be if they could get only one thing for Christmas. I admit that I didn’t pray about this. I was just being realistic. The girls chose their favorite thing from their lists, and God decided to show me that He didn’t need my help.

First, I had a friend point me to a fabulous coupon code (60% off) for the desire of Princess Roo’s heart, which was way out of budget without that discount!

Princess Roo with her heart's desire on Christmas morning. Even the flu couldn't dampen her enthusiasm!

Princess Roo with her heart’s desire on Christmas morning. Even the flu couldn’t dampen her enthusiasm!

Then, someone called and asked what two items I would choose for the girls for Christmas from a certain store. I answered honestly, explained why, and now have those things in my possession.

BookGirl with a fashion knitting studio, which was the top item on her Christmas list.

BookGirl with a fashion knitting studio, which was the top item on her Christmas list.

God provided just enough money here and there for me to start gathering some stocking stuffers together, and the money came in to buy another gift.

Later, someone else asked me some questions about Christmas and indicated a desire to help. I received money in my PayPal account that was just enough to buy the girls new dress shoes for the Christmas performance at church because I was blessed with some Kohl’s bucks and a coupon on top of the sale prices!

Through some money we earned and the generosity of others who were obedient to God’s nudge, God provided my children with the two or three gifts they requested and a few small bonuses. He has blessed us over and over again, and I am humbled and thankful.

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  1. Joy says:

    I just love how God works! Things were tight for us and through grandparents, an unexpected extra job and then generosity from a friend, we were able to bless our kids with a few things. We are definitely blessed and thankful for all God has provided!

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