Aslan’s Academy – Our Homeschool Room!

Aslan’s Academy (also known as “our homeschool”) is blessed to have a dedicated homeschool room. Our home has a room that spans the front of the house that was originally designed as a combined formal living and dining room. One third of the room houses our treadmill, mini-trampoline, and boxes of homeschool records. I keep it neat, but it’s nothing special to look at.

The other two-thirds of the room, however, is our “school.” I recently spent several Saturdays cleaning off every shelf, going through every piece of curriculum, and reorganizing the space. It was a big job, but our homeschool room has never looked better.

Check it out for yourself!

Our school room has a special addition this year. BookGirl brought one of her treasures to me and asked me to put it in our school room so we can see it and remember it as we study.

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Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes

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24 Responses to Aslan’s Academy – Our Homeschool Room!

  1. Becky says:

    Your room looks great…even without an Ikea bookshelf! :)

  2. Lindsay @ Bytes of Memory says:

    Looks like a wonderful homeschool space! I love the chairs :-)

  3. I love your Home Sweet Home sign!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Homeschooling!

  4. Love the captain’s chair and the white cabinet in the back left corner. Where did you get it? I need a cabinet like that for a linen closet in my master bedroom.

    Do you want to come organize my school room? You’re looks very inviting! :-)

    • I just checked out your school room, Jen. It looks great!

      Thanks for the “inviting” comment, though. I certainly hope so. We have a couch where in our school room too. It’s in the spot I took the pictures from.

      My mom gave me the white shelves and the cabinet, as well as a couple of the brown shelves. We have a LOT of shelving in our school room. The captain’s chair was in my classroom when I was a public school teacher—my former life. 😉

  5. I’m loving your room! Such a great space in which to learn!

  6. I love how much storage space you have! We love having a homeschool room, but ours is very limited on storage (lots of windows plus a set of French doors).

    I think I may have to steal your idea for the little shelving unit beside your chair–that would add a little extra storage and be easily moved out of the way!

    • Thanks, Judy! We have windows on three walls too. Fortunately, the ones on one side are high enough to put shelving underneath.

      I love that little basket cart. By all means, borrow that idea. It keeps my teacher’s manuals, flashcards we use every day, and Princess Roo’s workbooks at hand, but it can easily be moved!

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  8. Leah says:

    I love your schoolroom! I think your new sign was my favorite. :) Hope you are having a fantabulous week!

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  10. Melissa D. SC says:

    Hi there Jennifer,
    You have a wonderful Home School room. Would you be willing to share where you found the wood carving about Home Sweet Home? I hope you are having a blessed year of Home schooling thus far.

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