Aslan’s Academy: Student Photos 2013-14

Aslan's Academy: Student Photos 2013-14 -

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Aslan’s Academy: Student Photos 2013-14

Our 2013-14 homeschool year is well underway, and I have the student photos to prove it! We’re having a great year so far. We have eased into a full schedule, and we’re diving completely in today!

Here are some student photos from the first few weeks of our 2013-14 homeschool year:

BookGirl's first day of 5th grade -

BookGirl’s first day of 5th grade

Princess Roo's first day of 3rd grade -

Princess Roo’s first day of 3rd grade

first day of homeschool 2013-14 -

First day of homeschool 2013-14

first day of 2013-14 homeschool with mom -

The Janes girls on our first day of the 2013-14 homeschool year

We also have a new family member to adapt to having in our homeschool this year:

kids with Midnight -

The kids with Midnight

How’s your homeschool year going so far?

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10 Responses to Aslan’s Academy: Student Photos 2013-14

  1. Dawn says:

    Great pics! What sweet girls.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Looks like you guys are having a great time! We had a potty training/first day of homeschool combo going on at our house today, so it was wild! Anytime you’re working with one child and the other pees in the dining room chair, it’s safe to say it’s a “Calgon, take me awayyyy” kind of day. :)

  3. Mama Fry says:

    Love the pictures. Speaking as HS mom with a new family member as well, they like to join in and help teach.

  4. Love the new family member! And your school name… honestly, I still think it takes the courage of a lion to teach kids at home. Love you!

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