Autism is . . . A Blessing

Autism is . . . a Blessing -

Autism is . . . A Blessing by Meredith “Bird” Myers

Both of my children have Autism. Through their Autism they show me an amazing strength that I admire.  They have the long-suffering strength to endure the challenges that they have in their lives. They are able to smile and giggle even when they endure so much.

My children show me joy when they find the beauty in the smallest and simplest things in life: the falling autumn leaf, the iridescent floating bubble, the vast blue sky. They connect to things unseen that I, as a part of this world, have closed myself off to. My children, through their Autism, show me joy in the choice that they have made to come into this life as master teachers to me, to show me love and patience.

The fact that they sacrifice for me in this way brings my soul to bow to them in humble appreciation. I am forever grateful for the experiences and lessons that this life with these beautiful special children has given me and to God who makes this all possible. Autism is not a label to be feared, but one that has gifts within it to be appreciated.

Meredith "Bird" MyersMeredith is a devoted mom to 2 beautiful beings: an angel girl and boy, both on the autism spectrum. She is also a wife to her wise soul and friend, an artist, a musician, a gamer, a foodie, a spiritual light bearer, and a positive experience facilitator. Meredith (aka Bird) says her children are her true inspiration and ultimate life lesson. She trusts in God to guide her daily in all her endeavors. She is known as Bird and there is not another like her! You can read more on Meredith’s blog, Bird is the Word.

Photo credit: Meredith “Bird” Myers

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4 Responses to Autism is . . . A Blessing

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  3. Alejandra says:

    Hi, I’m not one to blogg or twitter, but maybe should….
    I totally agree with an Amen, we have 4 boys, two diagnosed with autism by age 3 and the Lord has taught me much through them all.
    Glad I found this page, you are an inspiration and an awesome witness.
    May the Lord continue pouring His blessings on you and your family.

    • Thank you, Alejandra. I know Meredith is blessed that her post touched you so deeply. Maybe you should blog! It sounds like you have a testimony of your own to share. God bless you!

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