Autism is . . . Not All About the Negative!

Autism is . . .  Not All About the Negative -

Autism is . . . Not All About the Negative! by LaToya Edwards

At first I let all that negativity get me down. I was a single mom struggling to keep it together, and all I wanted was for my son to be “normal” again. One day during a check up I went through my usual list of all the issues and concerns that I had about my sweet boy. His pediatrician looked at me and said words that I will never forget: “Tell me something good about your son. What does he do well?” Until that very moment it had never occurred to be look at the positive side of having a child on the spectrum.

A Big Heart:

My son has some really BIG emotions. When he is sad he is devastated and if he’s angry it’s rage. On the flip side he loves really big too. Once you get into my boy’s heart you are there to stay. I love the passion that he has for people. He prays daily for all the children in the world to have enough food to eat and to have a Bible of their own to read. When my grandmother had a stroke a few months ago, he was so concerned about who would take care of her dog.

Wild Imagination:

Part of my son’s sensory issues deal with his hearing. There are times when I have to practically stand on my head to get his attention because he’s so distracted by all the sounds that he hears that I cannot. And sometimes he shares with me the things that he hears and the stories that go with those sounds. His imagination is wonderful and his stories really brighten up my day.

Cuddle time:

When the world is just a bit much for my little man, he has started asking for cuddle time. He climbs in my lap and lets me hold him, rock him, and baby him for a few minutes. I have to admit that this is my favorite part of the day. I love being able to hold my big first-born in my arms again. I love that when the world is just a little bit crazy he can find rest and comfort in the arms of his mommy. It warms my heart.

This is just a short list of the things that I love about my son! He is also a great dancer and singer and has a faith that leaves me speechless. On the days where I’m struggling to get from minute to minute and meltdown to meltdown, it’s nice to remember that it’s not all about the negative stuff.

LaToya is a single, homeschooling mom of two bouncing boys. She lives for the quiet moments of the day which are few and far between with two rambunctious young men running around the house. She strives each day to life fully for God and although she often falls short she is determined to stay the course. She wants to encourage women to follow God’s direction for their lives no matter the circumstances. You can keep up with LaToya on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Photo credit: LaToya Edwards

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6 Responses to Autism is . . . Not All About the Negative!

  1. Lena says:

    *tears* LaToya, this is perfect! Your son sounds a lot like my D. It can be hard and overwhelming, but with all of the difficulty, there are so many amazing blessings too.

  2. Bird says:

    I love this!! I have been there and it’s okay, we’re concerned parents, but so beautiful to hear all his wonderful qualities too 😉

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