Be Fully Persuaded: No More Migraines!

Welcome to the “Be Fully Persuaded” series! Today my friend Jennifer shares how God provided relief from migraine headaches. I pray that you are encouraged to stand strong in your faith and that God will make Romans 4:20-21 a reality for all of us as we focus on Him and His Word:

Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.

Romans 4:20-21 (NIV)

No More Migraines! by Jennifer Medina

I was not raised in a “healing” church. We didn’t march people down the aisle to lay hands on them and watch them jump for joy because they could walk. Actually, my Dad often made fun of such churches, especially those seen on TV. He found it highly amusing to thump us on the forehead and shout, “Be healed!” when we had done something not-so-smart. I didn’t see any kind of laying on of hands until I was in my early teens, but even then, it seemed like it was more for moral support than any actual healing. No, my family believed more in the healing power of God via doctors than anything, and I inherited those beliefs.

I was also not raised in the “name it and claim it” brand of religion that seems so popular these days. We are firm “ask and be answered” people, with just enough cynicism to think that most of the time, the answer would be no. It doesn’t mean I have always graciously accepted that answer, just that I expect it more often than not.

I tell you, dear readers, all of this background so that you understand. When you are done reading this post you may think to yourself, “What a bunch of hooey!” If I hadn’t lived it, I promise, I would be the first to think that. After all, miracles were just a thing of Jesus’ time, right? Sure, we have some here today, but they are usually assisted miracles! Today’s miracles leave just enough room for a good cynic to step up and say, “Coincidence, nothing more.”

Now, for the story.

My entire life, I have had migraines. They are actually genetic, handed down from my mother and at least two generations of women behind her. I have had them as far back as I can remember. I have seen a variety of doctors, including two neurologists and three psychiatrists, about my migraines. In the end, all they could do was help me identify my triggers (the scents of vanilla and bacon cooking as well as extreme stress) and offer me medication.

After playing the part of the dutiful lab rat, we eventually found a medicinal regimen that worked to avoid most of my migraines. I could then do my best to avoid the scent triggers, as those scents worked against me regardless of the meds. With all of that, I could take my migraine schedule down from once or twice a month to once every other month. That was a victory.

Flash forward to 2010. I was home from work with yet another migraine. Despite my job at the time having a strict policy regarding perfumes, someone intentionally sprayed vanilla perfume all around me. I had also run out of my meds and was new enough to the job that I didn’t have insurance to cover the purchase of any new ones. Top it off with having just found out I was pregnant with baby #5 and couldn’t take anything even if I could afford it.

I was miserable and lying in my bed. I had the door shut, lights off, and a cool rag on my forehead. I had been resting when I felt compelled to get out of bed. Then I was in our living room searching the channel guide, for what I didn’t know. Even my husband couldn’t figure out why, in the midst of suffering from all this pain, I was subjecting myself to more with the lights, smells (the dinner he had cooked while I was out), and noise that was the living room. His own sinus headache was bothering him, but he couldn’t run to the store for meds until all the kids were asleep.

Then I found what I was looking for. It was a tele-evangelical program that I wouldn’t watch a lot of because I didn’t always agree with one of the host’s promotion of money. However, he wasn’t on that night. When I selected the program to watch and changed the channel, they were beginning to pray. My husband and I joined in their prayer. They prayed for several requests they had been sent. They prayed for our country. Then they prayed words I will never forget as long as I live.

“Holy Father, listening to the show right now, there is a young woman who has suffered from chronic migraines her entire life. She is suffering as we speak to you, dear Jesus. We hear her hurt as you do. More importantly, we hear your answer. You have placed on our hearts that this woman, this young mother, will NEVER ENDURE ANOTHER MIGRAINE AGAIN! You have healed what doctors said could never be healed. We thank you, Lord, for this miracle in her life. Amen.”

I was crying hard when I heard that. (I’m crying now, remembering.) I cried harder when I felt the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit enter MY house, reach down and touch MY head, and take away ALL my pain. My husband was still looking at the TV when he said that he felt the Holy Spirit. He was so thankful for that powerful prayer because his “lowly headache” was gone. Then, through my tears, he heard me laugh. “Honey, ha-ha, I think that was for me!”

Anyone who has experienced a migraine will understand his shock and disbelief for a moment. I shared in that shock. I went from a raging migraine to instantaneous relief, unmedicated.

Since that day, I have intentionally subjected myself to my triggers with no reaction. I’m still not a fan of vanilla or other strong scents, but they don’t trigger migraines. I have cooked bacon myself for the first time and come out fine, minus a few minor burns. It has been 2 years and 1 month since that night, and I haven’t had a single migraine since.

I am healed.

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