Be Fully Persuaded: Word for Word

Welcome to the “Be Fully Persuaded” series! Today Cindy Detlefs shares how God answered her prayer word for word. I pray that you are encouraged to stand strong in your faith and that God will make Romans 4:20-21 a reality for all of us as we focus on Him and His Word:

Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.

Romans 4:20-21 (NIV)

Word for Word by Cindy Detlefs

I have always been a “pray without ceasing” type of person. I pray and speak to the Lord all throughout my day, so when I found out six years ago that I was pregnant with my son Jacob, nothing changed. Jacob was a huge surprise. It had been almost nine years since we had our second child. We figured that two children was all we would be blessed with. I was so thankful and blessed that I was given the chance to have another little one.

At my first ultrasound the tech took an unusually long time. She finally told us that she had a lot of trouble seeing the baby’s feet and that I would need to have it done again with her superior. We had another done and then were referred to a neonatal ultrasound specialist and had a third ultrasound done. I wasn’t even nervous. I just knew that the Lord was with us, and all would be well no matter what the results were. The specialist determined that Jacob would be born with club feet. He felt it would be easily dealt with but said that he wasn’t an orthopedic specialist and it was best just to wait and see.

The rest of the pregnancy I had six to seven more ultrasounds just so we could make sure things hadn’t changed. I didn’t think about it or research anything about it the rest of my pregnancy. I prayed all the time. Strangely, one specific thing I prayed was, “Lord, if this little boy is going to be born facing challenges, could he maybe have red hair?”

Yes, I know. It was a completely ridiculous thing to pray for, but for me red hair meant a fighter’s spirit. I thought if he was going to be born with challenges, then he would need a strong spirit to overcome them.

Jacob was born in July 2007 after a horribly traumatic birth. He weighed nine pounds and eleven ounces and was indeed born with clubbed feet and red hair! God had blessed me with my little fighter.

A week after Jacob was born, with my mom along for moral support because my husband couldn’t get off work, I took him to the pediatric orthopedic surgeon who was recommended to us as the best in the area. She had a terrible bedside manner. She told me that Jacob’s feet were as bad as they possibly could get. He would need to be in full leg casts on both legs right away and weekly for months. She expected that the casting wouldn’t work, so he would need two major surgeries to completely reconstruct both feet and would then be in casts for months again, followed by braces. She made it clear that relapse was expected in many cases this bad. Then she sent us back into the waiting room until a casting room opened up. There was no time for asking questions, no soft moments where she consoled. I was devastated, totally undone.

I sat in the waiting room feeling lost, raw. My mom was reading a magazine. The baby was sleeping. Feeling like I had nothing left, I reached out to God. I prayed, “Lord, I can’t do this. I am not strong enough. I am really a big baby. I cannot put my sweet little baby boy through this. I don’t know anyone who has EVER dealt with this, and I CANNOT do this on my own. Lord, if I knew just one mom who has sat here like I am in this waiting room, just ONE mom who could say that they’ve been in the same place, that this is doable, it will be okay, and that it’s NOT as horrible as it’s sounding to me right now.

But Lord, I don’t know anyone like that, so I am getting up and taking my sweet baby out of here. I’m never putting him through this. Lord, I know you’re always here for me, and now I need to leave.”

I opened my eyes and started to lean over to tell my mom it was time to go, but the door opened and a young woman pushing a stroller walked in. She smiled at me, sat down next to us, and immediately started a conversation with me. She told me that four months before, she had been sitting right where I was, in that waiting room, feeling the exact things I was feeling: scared, lonely, overwhelmed, like she was going to walk out the door and not do this. She also told me that it was going to be just fine, that it really wasn’t as hard as it seemed. The casts weren’t so bad, and the gruff doctor did get friendlier with each appointment. She said she knew I was scared and worried but it would be okay. I would get through it. I was strong enough to handle this.  She, like me, was there with her mom because her husband couldn’t get off work. She was, literally, just like me.

Our name was called, and we took Jacob back to get his first set of casts. It wasn’t until a little while later that it dawned on me that the Lord had given me exactly what I prayed for. In the countless visits we went to after that, I only saw that mom one more time. We passed her as she was leaving one day, and she mouthed, “Everything okay?” I nodded my head yes, and she gave me a thumbs up and a smile. I have never seen her again.

This left me without a doubt that God listens. He hears our cries and answers our prayers. I have heard many times that the Lord always answers our prayers, even if it’s not the answer we want. He always answers. And sometimes he answers word for word what we have asked of Him.

Cindy Detlefs lives in upstate New York with her husband and 3 children: a college freshman, a high school freshman, and a special needs 5-year-old she homeschools. They have a small menagerie of pets that includes two spoiled dogs, two guinea pigs, and a fish. She blogs about life with Jacob at:  Puzzle pieces, smelly elephants, and life with Jacob.


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3 Responses to Be Fully Persuaded: Word for Word

  1. Oh my goodness!! I bawled my eyes out reading this!! What a praise!! Yay Jacob! Yay Mommy!! Yay God!! Amazing faith and an amazing testimony. Loved it you all :)

  2. Erika says:

    Absolutely beautiful testimony of believing and relying on Him when we need to!!

  3. Honey Rowland says:

    That was BEAUTIFUL! I really need some tissues now. I’m so amazed when God gives such obvious signs of support. :)

    ~ Honey

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