Be Fully Persuaded: A Word for the Weary

Be Fully Persuaded: A Word for the Weary -

Welcome to the Be Fully Persuaded series! This week I’m sharing how God provided exactly the Word I needed at a time when I was struggling and weary.

Thank you for meeting me here every week to rejoice in God’s faithfulness to keep His promises and in His creative provision for every area of our lives. I pray that we are all encouraged to stand strong in our faith and that God will make Romans 4:20-21 a reality for all of us as we focus on Him and His Word:

Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.

Romans 4:20-21 (NIV)

A Word for the Weary

Last Thursday I shared my struggle with some medical issues my daughter is having. Friday was another difficult day. I was still struggling with the infusion situation, and my husband was out-of-town on business until Sunday. Somehow, knowing he wouldn’t be home that night made everything seem more bleak.

But God was looking out for me. (But God. I love those two words!)

When the mail arrived, I found a card from a dear friend of mine. Inside was this bookmark:

Romans 15:13 bookmark


Romans 15:13 bookmark














If there was anything I needed that day, it was a big dose of supernatural hope and joy. I read the bookmark several times and put it on the kitchen table. My husband helps so much that when he’s not home, I can tell in my workload as well as in loss of companionship. I continued to take care of the girls, food preparation, dishes, and laundry, and forgot about the bookmark.

A few hours later, I heard the text notification on my phone. When I checked it, I saw the full text of Romans 15:13, sent by a friend of mine, who said she had felt impressed to pray the verse over me and send it to me:

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 15:13 (NLT)

I love that verse, and it really spoke to me because of the day I’d had. Then I realized I had seen the verse earlier in the day. I went back and realized it was the same verse that was on the bookmark I got in the mail!

It became obvious to me very quickly that God was speaking to me through His Word and two friends. I went back to look at the bookmark again, read the text again, got my Bible out and looked up the verse, and copied it into my Scripture memory spiral.

As I walk the path before me, I need joy, peace, and confident hope. And that verse shows me just how to get them—through trust in the Source of all hope.

How do you stay focused on God and His Word as you walk through difficult times?

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10 Responses to Be Fully Persuaded: A Word for the Weary

  1. Marni says:

    Romans 15:13 has been one of my “go to” verses when struggling with anxiety. I have it posted above the sink and at times caring it around for moments of need.

  2. What a beautiful declaration of God’s love to you during this time. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for being an encouragement to mothers whose children suffer medical issues.

    You have been a great encouragement for me as well this week. For that, I am oh-so-very grateful!
    Blessings my friend, may God continue to use your testimonies of His faithfulness to encourage others in the faith. Sending my love-

  3. britney says:

    Romans 15:13 is my favorite verse. Such encouragement from those words. And the joy and peace we find when we put our hope in God is so sweet.

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  5. Jennifer: I came by way of Melanie Wilson’s blog. having and finding hope is easy sometimes. Other times it is like pulling teeth. I admire your willingness to see hope and joy amidst your struggles. I have never had a special needs child…only know those who have and do. Those who raise them well deserve a medal. They will certainly hear “well done good and faithful servant” in the end. May you find the hope and joy that can only come from Him.

    • Thank you for the words of support and encouragement, Bill! It is only through God’s grace and strength that we make it through each day, but He is faithful to give us just that!

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