Casting Our Cares

Casting Our Cares -

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Casting Our Cares

Last week was a very difficult week for us. My husband’s car air conditioner started making a funny noise. I visited a specialist and waited for test results. My husband broke a tooth. We received a large medical bill. We anticipated the medical bill that would arrive as a result of last week’s specialist appointment and testing.

After fretting for a few days, we finally realized it was getting us nowhere and did what we should have done to begin with (especially about the car and tooth; it was easier to pray about the medical issues, for some reason)—we prayed as a family and cast all our cares on Him. In His faithfulness, He acted on our behalf. Here are the results.

  • The car’s air conditioner issues was repaired for a fourth of what we thought it would take to fix it.
  • My husband’s tooth was repaired without a root canal, cap, or crown.
  • The clinic we owe the large medical bill allowed us to set up a payment arrangement.
  • I received test results in the mail.

About those test results . . .

While many of the things the doctor tested for were normal, I did receive some abnormal results. I was told I wouldn’t hear from the doctor’s office about those results unless there were something “critical” revealed in them. Based on the research I’ve done about the abnormal levels, there’s nothing critical, but there are some things that may give the doctor a better idea of what’s going on and lead to a diagnosis so we can start more specific treatment. I guess I’ll find out more at my appointment in late July! (I also continue to trust God’s provision for the cost of these tests and appointments.)

Do you regularly cast your cares on God, or do you attempt to carry them yourself? Please leave prayer requests in the comments or email me at jennifer(at)jenniferajanes(dot)com. It is my privilege to pray with and for you!

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  1. Ticia says:

    I struggle at times to fully rely on God.

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