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Please share:I’ve been quiet on social media and my blog this week. We’ve been busy. Princess Roo’s immunology appointment was Monday, we made deliveries on Tuesday and Wednesday, did family errands today, and we’ve taken it easy too. We’re not … Continue reading

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A Valentine for My Homeschool Friends

Please share:I want to dedicate this post to all my homeschool friends—the ones I know personally and the ones I feel like I know because we have shared our hearts through social media, e-mails, texts, and the occasional phone call. I … Continue reading

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I’m a Science Wimp, and Gifts #1166 – 1175

Please share:A new homeschool science resource launched today. It’s called The Homeschool Scientist, and it’s currently on Facebook and Twitter, with a web site to launch next month. For a brief introduction, check out this post at The Homeschool Village. The creator … Continue reading

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Homeschool Yearbook!

Please share:The school year is not over yet, but it’s winding down and drawing to a close. I tend to look at how much I still want to accomplish before we take a summer break, but I’m going to refrain … Continue reading

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We Joined the 21st Century!

Please share: My “fantastic find” for this last Thursday in February probably isn’t new to most of you. For my family, though, this is huge! Last weekend, we found a fantastic price on a Wii and bought one! This is … Continue reading

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Computer Time!

Please share: I have two “fantastic finds” for today, but I have to admit that I didn’t find them for the first time this month. I did, however, find them in the past couple of months, so I figure that’s … Continue reading

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Vacation Destinations

Please share:Our Flat Stanley project has taken on a life of its own! We spent 2.5 hours Monday afternoon visiting the “must-see” places in our historic downtown! It was a great chance for the girls to learn more about their … Continue reading

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Flat Stanley Comes to Arkansas

Please share:This month The Homeschool Village’s theme for the Thursday link-up is “February’s Fantastic Finds.” Our first “find” actually found us when it arrived in our mailbox last Friday. A friend in Wisconsin called me a few weeks ago to … Continue reading

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The Routine . . . Shattered

Please share:Last week, I wrote about having finally reestablished a routine after the holidays and illness temporarily derailed our plans. I was excited, and several visitors also expressed a great appreciation for routine. And this week? Well, the routine got … Continue reading

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Please share:Each Thursday I have been writing about our accomplishments for the week. This week our biggest accomplishment can be summed up in one word: routine. We have never gotten back to the routine we had before Christmas, but that’s … Continue reading

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