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Running into Battle

Please share: As I read my Bible this week, I came across a verse that showed me how I should deal with pesky problems in my life. David’s life always evokes a spectrum of emotions in me. And, as always, … Continue reading

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Mustard Seed Planting: Repetition

Please share: My Princess is making tremendous academic progress, but the amount of repetition required for her to grasp and process the concepts and make them her own wearies us both. I thought she was the only one needing lots … Continue reading

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Mustard Seed Planting: But God . . .

Please share: I’m taking my red pen to the Bible. As I read through the Bible again, I’m circling every occurrence of two words that never fail to make me pay closer attention to the text: “But God.” When I … Continue reading

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Encouragement and Inspiration

Please share: This week was a LONG week. We had more roller coaster drama days about insurance coverage for Roo’s infusion medication (again, and we thought we had that resolved!), and I spent the week preparing for the garage sale … Continue reading

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Faith Finders

Please share: Bible in 90 Days is officially over. Now what? I want to read The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. The problem is that I am more likely to finish a book like that if I’m accountable to someone. … Continue reading

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The Taste of Humble Pie

Please share: I’m reading through the Bible from cover to cover in 90 days again. I always enjoy this reading plan because the pace allows me to easily see the connections in and big picture of God’s Story. Last week … Continue reading

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A Challenge for Summer/Fall!

Please share: I became a graduate of Bible in 90 Days at Mom’s Toolbox in the spring. It was a difficult and rewarding task to read the Bible from cover to cover in 90 days, and although this wasn’t the first … Continue reading

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Reading the End of the Book—First

Please share: I know people who read the end of the book before they glance at the first page. I don’t. In fact, if I get a glimpse of the end of the book accidentally, it ruins it for me. … Continue reading

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June 1 is Coming!

Please share: I’m always excited about the arrival of June 1 because it’s the beginning of the summer reading program at our public library! I’ll be posting periodically throughout the summer about the girls’ progress on their hours and what … Continue reading

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“Drastic Obedience”

Please share: After the past seven days, I am tired. I’m having trouble thinking right now, much less writing. I’m going to spare you the rambling thoughts running through my mind and share with you a blog post I read … Continue reading

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