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Technical difficulties…

Please share:My site has been down for a few days. There was a domain name renewal issue, but it’s resolved now. Thanks, Cocoa Crusty! I’ve been making notes for the past few days, and those posts will follow.

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I’m a little behind on some things…

Please share:All right. My WordPress site isn’t caught up anymore. Cocoa Crusty is going to teach me how to update it myself this time. I’ve been MIA for a bit due to some disturbing things that happened. Some tests I … Continue reading

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I’m caught up!

Please share:Thanks to Cocoa Crusty, WordPress is now up-to-date, and I have a new theme! Thanks, CC! I couldn’t have done it without you.

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Please share:All right, I’m still behind on the version of WordPress I’m running. Cocoa Crusty came over last Saturday to examine my computer, but we forgot about updating WordPress. We were too busy trying to figure out why Nick Jr. … Continue reading

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Running behind isn’t all bad!

Please share:After reading Cocoa Crusty’s warning about the security issues with WordPress 2.1.1, I’m glad I’m behind. Now that they’re getting things ironed out, I can get everything updated and be in good shape. I’ll be getting with Cocoa Crusty … Continue reading

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