Christmas Shoes

Christmas Shoes -

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Christmas Shoes

Both of the girls have had growth spurts this summer, but they wore flip-flops and sundresses to church all summer, so I didn’t think about what that meant for their dress shoes. In the past few weeks, I have realized that neither has a pair of dress shoes that fit.

The girls have a choir performance this weekend, and I have beautiful Christmas dresses for them to wear that I got on sale last year after Christmas. They really need dress shoes.

The problem is that we’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses lately, and there’s no money to get them dress shoes for this winter. I spent a lot of time praying about the shoe situation this week, and I asked several people to pray with me.

I saw evidence of God working behind the scenes when I received some coupons for some places where we normally buy their shoes. I was just waiting for the money to come in. And it did.

I received some money very unexpectedly and from people who didn’t know the need when they sent us the gifts. There’s just enough there to cover the shoes and some groceries to help us prepare for this weekend’s winter storm.

I’ll do some shoe shopping while I’m out—before that storm rolls in. I want to be prepared for the choir performance!

Father, you never fail to amaze me with the creative ways you provide for our every need. Forgive me for doubting you. Thank you for your faithfulness and love. Amen.

Update: I couldn’t resist updating this post because God showed up and showed off in such an amazing way! Today, just before I took the girls shoe shopping, I received another coupon at Princess Roo’s therapy facility, one that I could combine with something I was given earlier this week. This tipped the scales in favor of this particular store, so I took the girls to that store first. Both found shoes they really love. BookGirl’s shoes were on clearance and were significantly marked down. Princess Roo’s were on sale but still cost almost twice what BookGirl’s did. When I got to the checkout and asked about combining the offers I had (they said yes!), everything rang up at a grand total of $18.14 for TWO pairs of BRAND NEW shoes! I am so thankful!

Christmas shoes - a great deal!

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