Daily Gratitude with a Gratitude Partner

Daily Gratitude with a Gratitude Partner - jenniferajanes.com

Daily Gratitude with a Gratitude Partner 

Happy Thanksgiving! I know many of us think of being thankful and expressing gratitude during the month of November, and especially on Thanksgiving Day. As I think of all I’m thankful for today, and of the blessings I’ve experienced this year, one thing that comes to mind is my gratitude partner.

At the 2013 Arkansas Women Bloggers conference, Jacqueline Wolven asked those of us who were interested in having a gratitude partner to turn in our business cards. Janeal Yancey and I both did so. Although we hadn’t met at the conference, we received an email from Jackie a few weeks later, introducing us to one another and letting us know that we were to send an email to one another each day for the rest of the year, listing three things we were thankful for. I set a reminder on my phone so I wouldn’t forget and began the daily process of emailing Janeal.

As we emailed our short gratitude lists each day, we began to develop a friendship based on those daily lists of three. The year drew to a close, and I didn’t want to stop the daily emails. When I mentioned it, Janeal said she wanted to keep going too. Over a year later, we’re still at it.

We have now added prayer requests to our nightly emails, and sometimes we add bonus items to our lists on days that are especially overflowing with blessings. Sometimes we add little asides to the emails, like the night Janeal was bursting with excitement to tell me that she sat at the same table as Temple Grandin at dinner at a conference she attended.

When the 2014 Arkansas Women Bloggers conference rolled around, we decided we were going to actually spend some time face to face, and we did! I even got to meet her beautiful daughters and her husband. We all had lunch together before the bloggers from Southwest Arkansas headed back this way. (The picture above was taken by Janeal’s husband after lunch.)

Now my gratitude partner is a friend too, one I have spent time with and look forward to seeing again as soon as possible. We are tremendously blessed by our friendship. We are very different, but we have found common ground in faith, family, and the practice of being thankful.

When I list my top ten blessings of the year, Janeal and the practice of daily gratitude are on the list.

How do you practice daily gratitude?

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Photo credit: Janeal Yancey. Used with permission.

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