Damascus Countdown by Joel C. Rosenberg {Review}

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of Damascus Countdown from Tyndale House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review. This post contains affiliate links. Any money I receive from affiliate partners helps me run this site and take care of my family. Thanks in advance for your support!

I have read all of Joel Rosenberg’s fiction and some of his nonfiction books, so I was thrilled when Tyndale House offered copies of Damascus Countdown {affiliate link} for review. I requested one quickly and was excited to receive one of the limited copies.

I usually read Christian fiction for entertainment and to relax. That isn’t quite the case with Joel Rosenberg’s books. His novels read like headline news, and Damascus Countdown was no different. It begins with the event the world is watching and waiting for—Israel’s preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear program.

David Shirazi, a CIA operative so deep that only a handful of people know of his existence, much less his real identity, is still in Iran on a mission as Reza Tabrizi. Then Shirazi learns that the Israelis didn’t destroy all of Iran’s nuclear warheads. He starts an almost impossible mission to find and destroy them before they can be used against Israel or the United States.

Damascus Countdown is long—over 450 pages. I expected it to take a while to read, but it moves very quickly. I had a hard time finding a stopping point so I could go to bed each night! I enjoyed learning more about David Shirazi and was interested to see how the relationship with his childhood friend Marseille turned out. Rosenberg didn’t forget to come back to that before ending the book.

If you haven’t read Damascus Countdown {affiliate link} or the other books in the trilogy, I highly recommend them. You will be in for quite an adventure!

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  1. Ticia says:

    I love all of his books, and we’ve just bought our second copies of his series so we can have one on our Nook. It fascinates me to see the parallels between modern events and prophecy.

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