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Note: In lieu of my regular gratitude posts, this summer I joined with The Pelsers for the 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential book club. This week we’re discussing Chapter 8 — “Fostering Leadership and Communication Skills.” The book club is drawing to a close, so be on the lookout for a switch back to Multitude Mondays / 1000 Gifts posts next week!

I don’t want to say a lot about how I’m working to develop leadership and communication skills in my children because I’ll be sharing more in a guest post at The Pelsers later this week.

I do want to address something that I did not discuss in that post. It’s especially relevant because this is an election year.

Zan writes:

I do believe that all homeschoolers should be raised to be well-informed, involved citizens. We have a lot at stake and cannot afford to take our freedom for granted, or we will lose what we have fought so hard to gain.

Zan Tyler, 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential

This quote really resonated with me. From the time they were born, our daughters have accompanied us to the polls. When they became old enough to wonder why we were going and what we were doing there, we began explaining to them how our government works, why we have elections, and what a privilege it is to be able to vote for our representatives.

The girls don’t know who we vote for, but they do understand that the people we vote for don’t always win. We have explained that it’s important to vote anyway—to express our opinions and exercise the right we are blessed to have.

We will be taking some time this fall to study the elections process in a more structured way. I want the girls to understand what we’re doing and to be leaders in whatever community they live in when they become adults. I want them to know what they believe and be able to communicate it clearly. That won’t happen overnight. It starts now.

How are you developing leadership and communication skills in your children?

I have more to say on this topic and will share the link to my guest post later this week! Be on the lookout!

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Even though the book club is almost over, it’s never too late to read a great book! Click the banner below for resources to add to your experience.


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4 Responses to Developing Leaders and Communicators – #7Tools

  1. Lena says:

    Do you not discuss with your girls who you are voting for and why? We started in the 2008 election season to explain who and why. It was such a big deal in our small, conservative community and D was asking questions. I thought he was too young to understand and get it and said something that to this day I wish I could take back. This year, I have been much more careful and intentional about talking to them about who we agree with and why. I don’t know how much is sinking in, but I know the one comment that I made 4 years ago was enough to upset him and make an impression on him. So, I am sure something is sinking in.

    • Yes, we do discuss that with them, but not usually when we’re in the polls. I don’t really like announcing it to everyone while we’re actually voting. 😉

      We save discussions like that for when we’re at home, preferably, and usually only discuss it when they ask specifically. Sometimes it seems to be a bit much for them if we overload them with information.

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