Doubt vs. Trust—Again

Confession: I’m struggling. When I wrote last week’s Mustard Seed Planting post, I had finally gotten it together. And then more “stuff” piled on. And some of it got resolved. And then more stuff piled on and got resolved. And then some of the stuff that got became unresolved again. Without going into the details of all the craziness that’s going on around here, you get the picture, right?

I am working to stay focused on the positives I can see in our situation—ways God is at work in the small things, which encourage me that He is at work in the big ones too, even when I don’t see it. I read a verse last week that leaves me with a very clear choice: I can choose to trust God or give in to fear and anxiety, which are clearly not from Him (2 Timothy 1:7, Philippians 4:6-8).

“How long will you waver between two opinions?” 1 Kings 18:21 (NIV1984)

How long, indeed? It’s time to make a choice. He is at work in our circumstances, and, more importantly, in us. I need to make the choice, once and for all, to trust Him. It’s time to quit allowing fear to run rampant every time the battle gets heated. Instead, I want to be so faith-filled and confident in God and His abilities that I run into battle, eager to take on the fight, because my victory is sure.

Here are some of the ways I see Him at work:

#1196. the plumber was here about something else when our water line burst.

#1197. the line burst outside, meaning no mess in the house.

#1198. the plumber located the break quickly, so our water bill shouldn’t be sky-high.

#1199. the break was near the house instead of being the part of the line under the driveway.

Don't ask why part of the Alaska pipeline is coming up near our house. We have no idea.

#1200. the amazing way God provided for a much-needed date night for DH and me.

#1201. the $0.45 toy sale we ran across for a treat for the girls while going to Princess Roo’s latest specialist appointment. (All of this for less than $5—tax included!)

#1202. the grace to make it through the very long afternoon at the GI Clinic with my Princess.

#1203. laughter at the moments it’s most needed.

#1204. safe travel to and from another specialist appointment—especially when it’s dark and I’m exhausted.

#1205. spending time in God’s Word daily and seeing messages meant just for me—and just for this time!

Please share the verses God is using to change your life by leaving a comment or linking up here or at Mom’s Mustard Seeds. Rebecca and I love to see God at work through His Word!

Mustard Seeds

Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes

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10 Responses to Doubt vs. Trust—Again

  1. Sending up more prayers for you…I would add one more to your list…..chats on the phone with friends…in the middle of life’s crisis…still focusing on the goodness of God!!!! LOVEYOU!

  2. Jenn says:

    I love the verse from 2 Timothy 1:7 that you mentioned, that God has given us a sound mind! A mind that can cling to the promises of Scripture and TRUST. It’s a continual surrender. Blessings to you today. Thanks for sharing what’s on your heart.

  3. Robin says:

    I am wavering right along with you. Today we were hit with an extremely expensive fix for our business…money that we DO NOT have. It’s so hard not to worry, to trust, and it’s disheartening that those that seem to purposely do wrong seem to never pay for their actions. Praying for you, Jennifer. There’s gotta be a reason, right?

    • Oh, Robin! It really is hard. I’m praying and believing for provision for you and your family (and business) as I wait for ours! Yes, there must be a reason. I feel like I’m being refined in the fire!

  4. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    We are self employed & living in the 4th hardest hit county in the nation (read that somewhere) Whether it’s true or not – we’ve been hit hard – I’ve had to really learn to put my money (or lack thereof) where my mouth is! I say I trust Him – I say I love Him & He loves me – I say I’m His child and that all things work together for good – now I get to prove that I believe it. It is a real testimony to others – to see us lay it down. It’s all HIS! (I’m glad my verse this week was for you) :) It’s for both of us – I often write the things He’s laid on my heart because THAT is what He’s teaching me – not because I have it all covered :) I keep saying “if it weren’t for hard times I wouldn’t recognize these everyday miracles” He is working DAILY on our behalf!! hugs! praying for you & Rebecca Too :)

    • You’re right, Kelli! This is the chance to prove that we believe what we say we believe. I have gone back to Psalm 55:22 over and over again this week. I’m so grateful you reminded me of it! You’re right—I write what I’m learning too, and then He is good enough to use it to encourage others! I’m praying for you and Rebecca too—and many others.

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