Encouragement for Parents of Kids with Special Needs: Goodness

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Encouragement for Parents of Kids with Special Needs – Day 6: Goodness

Dictionary.com defines goodness as “the state or quality of being good.” (Another definition of goodness is “kindness,” but I covered that last week.) I’m going to twist “being good” a little and focus on things I’ve become good at since I became the parent of a child with special needs.

I have become a different person since I began parenting a child with special needs. I am good at so many things—many I never dreamed of doing!

I’m good at:

  • Holding my own with medical professionals to advocate for my child.
  • Doing therapy activities.
  • Administering weekly infusions.
  • Keeping an extensive medication regimen day in and day out.
  • Homeschooling a child with special needs.
  • Balancing homeschooling with extracurricular activities and therapy and specialist appointments.
  • Balancing the needs of both my daughters. (Siblings of kids with special needs have needs too!)
  • Making time for monthly date nights with my husband. (Our church’s Parents’ Night Out is wonderful!)
  • Recognizing a sinus infection or thrush within hours of it starting. (One of my superpowers. 😉 )
  • Having compassion for others because of experiences we’ve had.
  • Education and awareness so that others will understand more about hidden disabilities.
  • Making time to spend in God’s Word and prayer so that I have the strength to do everything else.

Truthfully, I’m not as good at a lot of these things as I would like to be, but I see progress in my life, and I know I’m being stretched and am growing because I deal with special needs.

In the midst of your frustration and exhaustion, you’re growing and changing too. You can do things now that you never thought you would. You’re the best parent for your child. Don’t ever doubt it.

Father, thank you for helping me to grow as I care for my child. The days are long and hard, and I’m not the same person I used to be. Please help me become better, not bitter, through this process. Amen.

What things are you “good at” now that you weren’t before your child joined your family?

Thank you for joining me for this 10-day series of Encouragement for Parents of Kids with Special Needs. Join me tomorrow as we explore Faithfulness.

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