Family Update: October 2012

I intended to do a family update in my Homeschool Mother’s Journal post for Friday and my gratitude post on Monday of this week. Unfortunately, I ran across some technical difficulties that kept me offline for almost three days.

I could just carry on without saying a word, but there are some things going on this month that I need to share.

The last couple of months have been pretty busy ones here on my blog. October will be different. I’m scaling things back—way back—for this month because of our family schedule.

I won’t have as much time to write this month as I normally do. Princess Roo has three out-of-town specialist appointments this month. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to double up on any of them, so that means three trips, three weeks in a row. She has her usual weekly therapy appointments this month too, so things will be even crazier than normal.

The Be Fully Persuaded series will continue each Thursday. I will share this week, and then I have some friends who have graciously agreed to share their stories of God’s faithfulness who will be featured each week for the rest of the month. Please come by and read their stories and share them with others you feel will be encouraged and blessed by reading them.

I will do my best to share updates on our homeschool activities and the appointments in my Homeschool Mother’s Journal and gratitude posts each week. We’ll still be keeping our regular schedule and adding in the extras, so it could make for interesting reading!

Princess Roo will see endocrinology, allergy/immunology, and genetics this month. I would appreciate prayers for our safety as we travel, wisdom for Roo’s doctors, strength for all of us, and for every detail to work out according to God’s plan for us.

If you want to interact between posts, please check out the archives (and leave comments!) or find me on Facebook or Twitter. I can do those from my phone between the crazy-making moments!

Thanks in advance for praying for us! I would love to pray about what concerns you too. Please leave your prayer requests in the comments or feel free to email me.


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