The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude -

The Gift of Gratitude

A few years ago, when we were in a very tight spot financially, a friend gave me an envelope with a gift card to a local fast food establishment. The envelope she handed me had the establishment’s name and the amount written on the front. I sincerely thanked her for the gift and put the envelope in my purse. It was a few weeks before we visited the place, and I didn’t open the envelope before then.

When I opened the envelope, I was in for a surprise. In addition to the gift card, there was a one hundred-dollar bill inside! In the weeks since we had received the envelope, we had scraped to buy groceries after paying the bills—and relief was in my purse all along.

Since then I have realized that there are often gifts right under my nose, things that would help make my life easier, if I would just open my eyes to see them. The biggest gift that makes my life easier is gratitude, and I have found it in places I never dreamed.

  • A season of unemployment gives me a new appreciation for having a job and regular paycheck, as well as special compassion for others going through hard times.
  • Having a child with developmental delays teaches me how to appreciate and celebrate the little victories.
  • Regular visits to specialists in the children’s hospital show me how blessed we are that our child’s issues aren’t more severe, and they show me how to pray for other families.
  • Extended drought conditions in our region show me how to be grateful for every drop of needed, necessary rain, even when it interferes with our plans.

As I look for things to be grateful for each day, I realize that the hard times we go through often give us new insight and appreciation as we look at the world around us. That makes it possible to be thankful in all things as we wait for improved situations in our lives and the lives of those around us.

How do you see gratitude making a difference in your life? What hard things have you been able to be grateful for?

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  1. Great reminder to look at the blessings right there in front of us! Thanks, Jennifer.

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