Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids and Their Siblings

Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids and Their Siblings -

Not long ago, I wrote a post giving suggestions for gifts for special needs parents. I thought it only fair to offer some suggestions for their children, both the ones with special needs and the ones without.

Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids and Their Siblings

  1. Gift cards. Gift cards are a good idea, especially if you can get one that will help the kids buy something they really love. At my house, that would mean an American Girl gift card for my princess, and an Amazon gift card for BookGirl, for obvious reasons. Of course, if, like my princess, the child has a difficult time making decisions, you or his parents may have to help them spend the money. Be sure to give the same amount to each child. It matters.
  2. Something the family can enjoy. Money for membership to a nearby zoo, hands-on science museum, children’s museum, state park, or something similar is a gift the entire family could enjoy for a full year. We have memberships to a state park, a science museum, and a zoo, and they all get regular use. (We go during off-peak hours, but we still go and enjoy them often.)
  3. Something special for each. If you want to get a toy or item that has some therapeutic or other special value for the special needs child, consider something that is just as special for the sibling. My daughter would love a gift card to the movies with enough on it to invite a friend, but she doesn’t really need a toy that provides sensory input, like her sister does.

These ideas are very general and are intended to spark some ideas that would be more specific for the gift-giving situation you have in mind.

Please leave your awesome ideas in the comments. What gifts are you giving this year—or have you given in the past—to special needs kids and their siblings?

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4 Responses to Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids and Their Siblings

  1. Amy Young says:

    These ideas would work well in my family as well, since we have older kids and younger ones. Movie cards and book/music gift cards are great for the older ones, and the little ones like the toys. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Meg says:

    All great ideas! I would add ask the parent what sensory things they like, and try to buy that. It isn’t always expensive — my son would be thrilled with a box of bubble wrap from the office supply store!!

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