Homeschool Mother’s Journal: A Typical Week At Last!

In my life this week…

Homeschooling, Avon deliveries, therapy appointments, AWANA, dance lessons. In other words, it was a typical week for our family.

In our homeschool this week…

We got a LOT done! We did the basics (math, language arts, reading) and really enjoyed science with Made in Heaven: Man’s Indiscriminate Stealing of God’s Amazing Design by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey SetoWe finished up Japanese Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins (from Heritage History – more on that soon). I thought BookGirl was going to cry when we finished the book! She didn’t want it to end. We’re going to read Puritan Twins and Stories of the Pilgrims this week and next as a lead-in to Thanksgiving.

I am inspired by…

My children. They amaze me, and I am supremely blessed by them. I’ll share why next week, so be sure to come back!

My favorite thing this week was…

Singing “Pop Goes the Weasel” with the girls as loudly as we could in the parking lot of a local supercenter.

What’s working/not working for us…

Heritage History books have gotten us back on track for social studies in ways I never imagined possible. I am so excited about the direction our history lessons are taking since we added this resource to our homeschool curriculum. (Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more about Heritage History very soon. If you just can’t wait, visit Heritage History’s website and use the code jennifer when you check out. You will get a free Early America library with the purchase of any curriculum CD through January 1, 2013!)

Things I’m working on…

Honestly, I’ve been spending more time on being than doing this week. I’ve got some fun things coming up on the blog starting next week and the following weeks though, so I’ve got to get busy!

I’m reading…

Ongoing reading/study projects:

  • The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
  • Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
  • IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity by Colin Gunn and Joaquin Fernandez
  • Trusting God Day by Day (devotional) by Joyce Meyer

I’m cooking…

Chili and homemade burritos. They didn’t last long!

I’m grateful for…

The relationship we have with my grandmother. When I spoke to her today, she said something that made my day, and we enjoy having lunch with her each week.

I’m praying for…

Our nation and those still affected by Hurricane Sandy, as well as more personal requests for friends and family.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Princess Roo and BookGirl were excited to find out where the United Way fundraising sign with Roo’s picture on it is located. Here’s a picture of them checking it out:

Disclosure: I received a free curriculum CD from Heritage History for review purposes. (Full review coming soon!) All opinions expressed are my own. I only recommend products that my family uses and finds helpful. This post contains affiliate links.
Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes

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4 Responses to Homeschool Mother’s Journal: A Typical Week At Last!

  1. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    what? a typical week? awesome!

  2. Carmen says:

    Whoo hoo for Princess Roo! Tell her I don’t think the United Way could have found a better model for their campaign. Send my love to her and BookGirl! <3

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