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Note: I received a free Basic Science Mysteries curriculum set from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. I was compensated for the time required to write this review. All opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.

Homeschool Science

Up to this point, teaching science to my girls has involved allowing them the freedom to explore nature and hands-on science museums to their hearts’ content. I have provided them with books, done science experiments in the kitchen with them, stopped the van to take pictures of large spiders to research with them, walked miles at state parks to look at trees and garden patches, and done actual science curriculum with them.

I have made it a point to provide my girls with living books that address science topics and have learned to make peace with the mess that comes with hands-on science exploration.

But as my older daughter gets closer to high school, I have found myself looking more and more for a company that provides solid academic resources that will be easier to count for credits than the more relaxed way we’ve done science to this point. My problem is that I haven’t found a curriculum that met our criteria or expectations—until I found Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum.

Middle School Homeschool Science Made Easy

PAC has been exactly what I wanted for my daughter. She has been working through Basic Science Mysteries this semester, and while it’s recommended for seventh grade, it has been exactly what my second semester sixth grader needs:

  • It’s a solid basic science course.
  • It is arranged so that she can work independently (although it can be used in classroom settings and is available in a digital course as well as a physical course).
  • My daughter finds it interesting and engaging.
  • It helps her improve her study skills as she prepares for quizzes and tests.

PAC Basic Science Mysteries - jenniferajanes.com

When I asked my daughter what she likes about Basic Science Mysteries from PAC, she listed:

  • She can do it on her own, only asking me questions if she needs help.
  • The fiction sections at the beginning and end of each lesson make her want to keep going to the next lesson.
  • The life principles at the end of each lesson (most are well-known quotes or sayings, sort of like proverbs, that relate to the subject of the lesson in some way while also giving a life lesson).
  • She can go at her own pace (or the pace I set for her 😉 ).

Another bonus for our family (since we’re often on the go for therapy sessions and specialist appointments) is that this curriculum is so portable. Instead of one large textbook, it is divided into five smaller books that contain the text of the lesson and five smaller books that contain the lesson activities. It is also available as digital files, which are formatted as PDF and can be viewed on tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. This is perfect for families who aren’t always at home while working on lessons.

The Teacher’s Resource Kit is laid out well, explaining different ways you can use the course and providing the quizzes, tests, answers, and additional information to use as your student works through the coursework.

I am so impressed with Basic Science Mysteries from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum that I’m already looking into other courses they offer for now through high school. I’m liking what I see so far.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Science - jenniferajanes.com

Getting PAC for Your Homeschool

I also love the prices – the entire Basic Science Mysteries curriculum costs less than $100 (physical products) and less than $40 for the digital products alone! And I love PAC’s heart for people who might struggle to pay for the curriculum.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum offers these discounts:

40% off for

  • homeschool groups (minimum purchase $1000)
  • single parents

20%  off for

  • ministry families
  • military families
  • farmers and ranchers
  • first responders
  • foster parents

All you have to do is call Paradigm at 325-649-0976 for a discount code to use during the checkout process if you fit into one of these categories.

 Connect with PAC

Have questions or just want to see what Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is doing? Follow them on:

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3 Responses to Middle School Homeschool Science Made Easy

  1. Beth says:

    That really looks interesting. I have not seen this before. I might have to look at for my son.

  2. Shelly Wilson says:

    I use their curriculum for my high school student’s biology. We love it! Very well laid out, easy to navigate through, and very thorough in the lessons. I like that the multiple chapters are done in separate booklets. That keeps lessons learned straight and easy to find for later reference.

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