Homeschool Student Photos 2014-15

Homeschool Student Photos 2014-15 -

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Homeschool Student Photos 2014-15

We started our 2014-15 homeschool year on July 25, and it has been a busy few weeks! We are easing back into our homeschool routine and finishing up summer activities at the same time. So our not back-to-school student photos are a mixed bag!

The first day of 4th and 6th grade:

First day of school 2014-15 -

Just a few days later, Princess Roo started her Christmas list:

Starting a Christmas list -

The girls observed reptiles at the pet store:

Studying reptiles at the pet store -

Waiting with their daddy to do food distribution on our mission trip:

Waiting to do food distribution -

Striking a pose while taking a break during the back-to-school celebration we helped with on our mission trip:

Helping out at the back-to-school celebration -

Loom knitting to finish a project that’s been dragging on for too long:

Loom knitting -

At a back-to-school swim party with our church’s children’s ministry:

At a back-to-school swim party -

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