Our Homeschooling Schedule

Like our lives, our homeschooling schedule has to be flexible and fluid. Here's a glimpse at what it looks like starting our 2015-16 school year.

Our Homeschooling Schedule

I’m still trying to figure out our homeschooling schedule for 2015-16. Now that I’m working outside the home ten hours a week (spread over two days), I’ve got to reconsider our routine. We’re starting school this week, though, so I’m about to jump in and see what happens. Here’s my plan, based on what worked pretty well at the end of last year:

The days I work:

Everyone will be up no later than 6:30 am. This is only thirty minutes earlier than the kids got up on the days I worked this summer. (There is a lot of wasted time in the mornings, and I’m determined to reclaim it.) After quick showers and breakfast, the girls will work on math, reading, and language arts until mid-morning, when I report to work. Anything they don’t finish with they can take to the clinic and complete while I’m working. I’m available to answer questions if they need help. Princess will also receive occupational therapy while we’re there. When they’re not working on lessons, they can play in the gym areas in the clinic (physical education! 😉 ), read, knit, play on the iPad, and help out around the clinic when needed.

When we get home in the afternoons, we will work on science and social studies, which are subjects we generally work on together anyway. This is also when we’ll pursue studies in art and music. Sometimes on these days, we may not get to science and social studies. In that case, we’ll double up on the days I’m not working. The girls have also expressed an interest in doing some work on Saturdays this school year to lighten the load during the week.

The days I don’t work:

BookGirl and I normally get up around the same time as the days I work. Princess may stay in bed for another hour or so. We begin with the core subjects again (math, language arts, and reading). The girls work independently as much as possible, and I’m nearby, available to help. As they wrap up those lessons, we move straight into science and social studies and try to finish those before lunch. That leaves our afternoons free for exploration in art, music, and other creative endeavors like knitting. Sometimes we have afternoon playdates. Sometimes we watch documentaries we’re interested in because of other studies we’ve done. Sometimes we just watch movies and laugh (or cry) together.


The girls often do physical education in the evenings. They ride their bikes, play outside, jump rope, and have hours worth of dance classes each week. Princess has horseback riding lessons at a therapeutic riding facility once a week. The girls do stretches every night, working on their splits and general flexibility for dance.

Our schedule is busy, and we work diligently to get everything done. I’m sure we will make adjustments to this schedule as we get into the routine for this school year, but this basic plan should work!


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