Hope for the Dark Days

To those of you whose lives are shrouded in deep darkness today, whose world has been shattered by an earthquake of a circumstance,

God loves you. Long ago He laid it all on the line and gave Himself up for you so that you could be eternally united with Him. He is still in the business of performing miracles, bringing prodigals home, turning circumstances around, and bringing Hope into situations where despair and desperation have set up camp.

On that long ago day, it was dark, an earthquake rocked them, the veil at the temple tore in two. Jesus died a horrible death, bearing all the world’s sins, past, present and future. Where’s the hope in that?

The Hope is in Sunday. Never forget that your Sunday is on the way!

He is risen! Happy Easter!

Photo credit: hoyasmeg | James Emory on Flickr

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4 Responses to Hope for the Dark Days

  1. Jen G says:

    Amen! Amen! His death defeated the enemy. All is done. Just waiting on my Sunday. Thanks for the post! =)

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