I’ll never . . . !

There are things I thought I would never do. Some of them I even said I’d never do. I admit it. I’m doing some of those things now, or I’ve done them since I said I wouldn’t. I think God finds it amusing when we end up doing things we claimed we’d never do.

Here’s a list of some things I said I would never do.

1. Have a kid in my bed. Yes, both of our girls slept with us for a few months when they were brand-new.

2. Homeschool. As a former public school teacher who comes from a family of public school teachers and counselors (DH’s family too), I never dreamed of doing anything other than sending my kids to public school. It never entered my mind . . . until God put it in my heart.

3. Let my children wear mismatched clothes. Before I had children, I dreamed of precious little princes or princesses dressed in color-coordinated outfits. I quickly realized that I have bigger battles to fight. If my precious princesses get to church on Sundays in outfits that match pretty well, we’ve really accomplished something. A few days ago, PD wore a tie-dyed shirt in shades of olive and brown with a pair of black pants with candy canes on them. Our day wouldn’t have been as much fun if we’d fought over her choice of clothing first. (I do, however, take lots of pictures to torment them with when they’re older!)

4. Desire to laugh instead of discipline. I remember my parents having trouble staying stern sometimes when they were trying to discipline us. You know, the napkin-over-the-mouth trick at the dinner table. I knew I would never have trouble keeping a straight face while trying to discipline one of my children. Then Roo was born. She’s sanguine, and it’s pretty hard to keep it together sometimes. I just keep fighting the laughter because I know that what’s cute at four won’t be cute at fourteen.

5. Send text messages. When people began sending text messages on their cell phones, DH and I resisted. We could see absolutely no reason to send text messages, even though we knew people who sent a lot of texts. We even told people we weren’t going to text! We held out until late December 2008. We now send and receive so many texts that we recently upgraded our text messaging package to unlimited messaging.

That’s the short list. What are some things you said you would never do?

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2 Responses to I’ll never . . . !

  1. thegypsymama says:

    Yup, I think we must give God some real good chuckles at times! I have done all those things too! 😉


  2. It’s good to know I’m not alone, Lisa-Jo!

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