I’m back!

After 4.5 days of being out of touch with the world, I’m back online! Somehow our ISP goofed and had us disconnected for almost a week! Here’s what happened while we were offline.

The girls went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. They both had a good time. Roo-Roo has decided she wants to have her own birthday party there. (She has mentioned this for a few weeks now.) DH and I feel that the cost of a party at CEC is beyond our “birthday” budget. We’re trying to steer her in a different direction. We’ll see how that goes.

DH and I realized that the “server problem” we thought our ISP was having on Saturday was not a server issue at all. We had no DSL signal coming into the house! We began dealing with our ISP to resolve the issue. I spent the afternoon crunching numbers in preparation for filing our 2007 tax return.

The girls and I attended MOPS in the morning. I enjoyed myself. PD and Roo-Roo’s class had a GREAT time. We could hear them in our meeting, and one of the caregivers left exhausted. Such is life with preschoolers! Monday evening I attended Movin’ Out at the Perot. Grandma C. couldn’t go — she has bronchitis. Amy went with me instead.

DH informed me that he was having “major internet withdrawal,” and he began going to the library to check his e-mail. The ISP continued to promise that the situation would be resolved quickly. They said that Sunday and Monday too. We’ll see.

Another call to the ISP shortly after 7:00 am finally got the results we were seeking. Shortly before 11:00 am, we received a DSL signal and rejoined the world!

This morning, PD had to “bless you” (sneeze) twice. I asked her if she was okay, and she said she guessed it was the “winter change” (instead of the “weather change” we’re always blaming for sinus drainage).

As we were preparing to nap, Roo-Roo asked if we were going to our local discount superstore. I told her it wasn’t in my budget for today. I explained that we have a grocery list and will go when DH gets paid. She offered me a large (think the diameter of a coffee mug) plastic penny and told me I could have her money so we could go to the store!

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