Inspired to Help Oklahoma!

Inspired to Help

Inspired to Help Oklahoma!

Last week I wrote about the devastating storms that went through Oklahoma. The next day, I cleaned out a closet that was our best chance for surviving a storm, stocked it with snacks, drinks, the kids bike helmets, and flashlights, and waited. We got some severe storms, lost electricity for several hours, and had a large limb fall from one of our trees—but got no tornadoes. I breathed a sigh of relief—and still ached for the people of Oklahoma.

When I looked at pictures of the damage, when I read the stories of people affected by the tornadoes, I was overwhelmed. I still am. I live in Tornado Alley and have seen these situations happen more times than I care to count. I remember hiding in the bank vault where my dad worked when I was in elementary school. I remember waking up in the hall in the “tornado position” when I was in kindergarten because they couldn’t rouse me from my nap to move on my own. Those days are scary days.

So what can I do? When I look at my budget, at the small amount I can contribute to help those affected in an area with so much damage, it saddens me. Until I realized that if we all give a small amount, it will quickly add up to something that will help many of the people struggling to recover from the EF5 tornado that ripped across Oklahoma last week.

Will you help me? I’m teaming up with the Inspired Bloggers Network to help do just that! Please visit the Inspired to Help page that details exactly how we can all pull together to help our neighbors (no matter what part of the country you live in!) recover from last week’s tornado.

I continue to pray for the people in Oklahoma, but this time I’m putting some money behind those prayers too. Thank you for joining with me in this effort!

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