Intrepid and Wild Eyes: The Zac and Abby Sunderland Stories {Review}

Intrepid and Wild Eyes: The Zac and Abby Sunderland Stories {Review} -

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Intrepid and Wild Eyes: The Zac and Abby Sunderland Stories

My children and I watched Intrepid: The Zac Sunderland Story, Part 1 by ourselves. My husband wasn’t really interested, until he came home from work while we were watching the last few minutes of the documentary about Zac’s attempt to be the youngest person in history to sail solo around the world. The DVD ends with a cliffhanger, and he was hooked. He watched Part 1 in its entirety, and then we began Part 2. 

I admit that I don’t remember following news accounts of Zac’s adventure. When I heard about it, I wondered how his parents could allow their teenager to venture out on something like this alone. When I watched Intrepid, it explained so much. I learned more about the family’s background and Zac’s lifelong experience on and around boats, as well as the Sunderlands’ strong faith in God and the prayer they put into making decisions about this adventure.

The documentary itself is a mixture of fun, faith, adventure, nail-biting moments of drama, and amazement that a young man could tackle such a big dream and stick with it through all the obstacles.

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Wild Eyes: The Abby Sunderland Story is the story of Zac’s sister’s attempt to beat his record. Her attempt made world news when a rogue wave in the Indian Ocean sabotaged her trip. Her complete story is on one DVD.

I remember seeing news reports of Abby’s plight in the Indian Ocean, although I had missed the reports of her leaving. I relived the times I had prayed for this unknown girl and her family as we waited to hear that she had been rescued and returned to her family. Abby’s perseverance and strong faith through difficult circumstances come through in this documentary. My daughters were inspired and want to meet her one day. They keep hoping we’ll get to meet the entire Sunderland family at a homeschool convention!

As we watched these DVDs, the girls and I talked about how it’s important to stay focused on God. We discussed having big dreams and how, with God’s help and hard work, we can achieve those dreams. We talked about dealing with failure and frustration. We studied some geography by following Zac and Abby’s paths on a map or globe.

These DVDs were a positive learning experience for all of us. We all learned some life lessons, not the least of which was me learning to let go and trust God with my children and their future, just as the Sunderlands have done.

If you’re interested in watching Intrepid, Parts 1 & 2, or Wild Eyes, please visit WorldWind Productions to order your family’s copy.

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  1. tiffeney villa says:

    hi my name is tiffeney villa (tiffany via just spelled different) anyways im a freshman in high school and i chose to do a presentation on abby sunderland as my finals well i was wondering if you might know y she would go on this long trip at such a young age. but to be honest anything helps i was 11 when i heard about her but i was never much of a person to write about other people so if u could help with any kind of facts that r about abby sunderland that would be great

    please read

    sincerly tiffeney villa

    • Hi, Tiffany! My recommendation would be to visit the website I referenced in my review and see if you can find contact information. You might be able to get an email interview with her if you reach out and ask!

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