I’ve Got Nothing

The cookies at McAlister's are BIG!

The last several days have been exhausting. Last Thursday night, Princess Roo was up in the middle of the night with a stomach bug or GI issues. (I’m not sure which, but the result was the same.) Early Friday morning, DH left for the weekend to go to a business conference. The girls and I had a good weekend, but we missed DH. I don’t sleep as well when he’s gone, either, so I started this week tired. Yesterday we did lessons and made it to OT and dance lessons (mostly) on time.

Last night my product delivery was late, so I was up late preparing invoices and sorting orders. Today the girls and I completed our lessons and then headed out to spend the afternoon making deliveries. Now here it is, time to post a Mustard Seed Planting post. I’ve prayed since yesterday about what to put up, and I’ve got nothing.

Well, that’s not exactly true. Tonight as we read Exodus 6 as a family, I saw a phrase repeated several times that has stuck with me. Here’s one occurrence:

“I am the LORD.” verse 2 (NIV1984)

If I really know and understand that God is the LORD, Yahweh, Jehovah, I’ve got a lot more than nothing to write about.

The same God who delivered Moses and the Israelites from Pharaoh in Exodus is the One who has blessed me abundantly:

#1276. God gave me the strength to be up and down all night last Thursday, . . .

#1277. . . . and still take care of the girls by myself on Friday.

#1278. God protected the girls and me . . .

#1279. . . . and my husband . . .

#1280. . . . and brought us all together again on Sunday.

#1281. God blessed the “girls’ night out” my daughters and I had on Friday night with a meal at McAlister’s Deli and a fun movie when we got home.

#1282. God gave us a beautiful day to enjoy the park on Saturday afternoon, . . .

#1283. . . . and a great friend to spend time with Saturday evening while the girls played.

#1284. God gave us merry hearts as we laughed while Princess Roo tried to show us how to make a certain facial expression.

#1285. God lifted a burden that was weighing heavy on our hearts when we got a letter from the IRS in the mail with great news for us!

Please take a moment to share the verses God is using in your life by linking up at Mom’s Mustard Seeds or leaving a comment here or at Rebecca’s blog. I love reading your posts and find God using His Word to minister mightily to me—through you!

Mustard Seeds

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6 Responses to I’ve Got Nothing

  1. Jen G says:

    Beautiful!!! A book I finished Sunday said when we are feeling stressed we need to “breath in and say ‘Yah’…breath out “weh'”…I’ve been using that myself…and it seems to calm me. Glad for your family’s protection and blessing this weekend! And glad your daughter is better. Oh, I don’t miss those nights up with my son. =)

    • Thanks, Jen! I’m glad it was a short-lived illness too. Thanks for praying for me during the weekend. I LOVE that idea from the book. I will definitely have to do that when I get stressed.

  2. Hi sweet friend! I am so sorry your little one was sick and DH was gone, but yeah for friends who live close by!!!! Love you bunches and hope…one day soon…there are no more miles between us!

  3. gjoyellis says:

    What a beautiful list! God is so good to us! So happy that your daughter is better and no one else got sick!

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