June 1 is Coming!

I’m always excited about the arrival of June 1 because it’s the beginning of the summer reading program at our public library! I’ll be posting periodically throughout the summer about the girls’ progress on their hours and what we’re reading. I would love it if you would join in and share your summer reading lists!

If you don’t participate in a summer reading program, please check with your local library now. I Googled “summer reading program 2011” and came up with a lot of hits—from public libraries to bookstores hosting special reading clubs. If you want to find something fun (and educational—but don’t tell the kids) to do this summer, this is a great option!

The other reason I’m excited about June 1 this year is that Stef at Educating Layton is hosting a “Homeschool Postcards Link Up” next Wednesday! It sounds like fun, and she has made it simple to join in! If you’re interested click here to see her post about how it works, and you might be surprised to find some familiar faces (hint: ours) on her blog as the first postcard! I’m excited to see how many homeschooling families take part and how many states are represented by these “postcards”!

What reasons do you have for being excited about June 1? Do you have any great summer plans to share?

Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes

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