Knitting Lessons

Knitting Lessons -

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Knitting Lessons

BookGirl took a knitting class at the library during the summer. She’s waited two years to take the class, and in a few weeks, she became a better knitter than I am despite my efforts to teach myself.

Since BookGirl began knitting regularly, Princess has begged her to teach her how to knit. BookGirl refused, and I didn’t push. I’ve had concerns that Princess could manage the needles, yarn, and everything else required to knit.

For over a year, I have watched my friend Jennifer knit using a loom. She has created some beautiful projects, and it looks both easy and fun. I’ve wanted to try it myself, and I decided to take the plunge this week. I bought some looms and a couple of skeins of yarn, along with extra hooks in case the girls wanted to work on projects too.

BookGirl is busy knitting some drawstring bracelets she has designed. She’s making some for Christmas gifts, and others she is selling to raise money for our Compassion sponsorship. (I think I’m going to get one of those beautiful bracelets for Christmas. :) ) She still isn’t inclined to teach Princess to knit, so after she begged all morning, I agreed to try to teach Princess to knit with a loom in the afternoon.

I wasn’t sure how this would work out. After all, I’m teaching myself to knit with a loom, with the occasional question and answer session via text with Jennifer. Since I don’t really know what I’m doing, I didn’t know how I would teach someone else.

I was also concerned about how she would handle the entire process. How difficult would it be for her to do with the motor skills, coordination, and planning issues she struggles with? Would she become frustrated and melt down with each mistake? Assuming she overcame all of those obstacles, would the process keep her attention long enough for her to finish a project?

Princess knitting her first hat

I began knitting a hat for my husband, and after I was certain of what I was doing, I began teaching Princess how to knit a doll hat. To my surprise, she picked it up very quickly. She asked a few questions here and there, made a few mistakes that I fixed for her, and before she went to bed, she had a doll hat.

Princess with the finished first hat

She’s planning to make a matching hat for herself next, while I’m still working on my first project.

I learned a valuable lesson during this process. I learned that my Princess is capable of more than I give her credit for, especially if it’s something she has a passion for and enjoys. (She finds the process of loom knitting relaxing, and she loves art. Creating something beautiful in another medium is a natural fit for her.) She is growing up. I need to let go and give her the opportunity to try things she’s interested in. I need to allow for the possibility of failure but expect success.

I’m sure I’ll learn more as she works on her next project, and she’s teaching me far more about parenting than I’m teaching her about knitting.

God continues to teach me in the most unexpected ways.

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12 Responses to Knitting Lessons

  1. Rebecca says:

    Yes, with a loving and patient Mom, she can climb those mountains others say she can’t because you – you are a prayer warrior, seeking God first in all things. I’m so happy to see this and to know – we were doing the same thing together yesterday…just miles apart.

    • You don’t know how thrilled I was to learn that you were knitting yesterday afternoon too, Rebecca. It brought me even closer to you. One day, we’ll knit together and visit in person over tea. :)

  2. Joy says:

    This is so awesome! I think she did a fabulous job on the hat! It is so amazing how God teaches us a lesson. Blessings to you!

    • Love you, Joy! He’s still working on all of us, isn’t he? I did the binding off because we’d never done it before. Now that I know how, I’m going to teach her how to do it on the hat she makes for herself.

  3. How fun! I’m inspired to take out my looms and try again… I have no guarantees what will come of it though… lol

  4. Joy says:

    That is just so wonderful. You have now inspired me to check into the looms for me and our youngest daughter. I am thinking when we figure it out, my oldest daughter will want to join us. :)

    • I hope you enjoy them! We’re working on hats, but we’re already checking out other things we can make with the round looms. I see many more projects in our future. Let me know how y’all like them!

  5. Cristi says:

    She did a great job on the hat — can’t wait to see the matching one!

    Lauren loves having little projects like that to carry along with her when we travel. I hope that makes some of Princess Roo’s traveling or waiting days a little less tedious.

    PS — Now that she can do loom knitting, I have a way to knit on two needles that she’d probably be able to handle.

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