After nursing the OTHER cat through a hairball (the next night, no less), talking to technicians who work for the manufacturer of my new laptop three more times, talking to a manager of the manufacturer of my new laptop, and dealing with 100-plus degree heat, I’m back!

Roo is a great kid. She is a sharp cookie for a three-year-old, too. On the way to church yesterday, Roo decided she wants to live with a couple from our church (they have a pool). I explained how God believes we are the best parents for her, which is why He sent her to us. She processed that for a while, then she decided she wanted to take the one-year-old sister of one of her friends home after church. I explained that “Baby Catherine” would miss her parents and big sister if we took her home with us. Visiting others and having others visit us is great, but God put us together in families for a reason.

This morning, before 9:00 am, Roo climbed onto the bathroom counter and painted her mouth with my lipstick. She also tried to flush a small doll down the toilet because she “didn’t want it anymore.” Fortunately, she didn’t succeed in flushing the doll. I explained that she needs to talk to me about any toys she doesn’t want so we can throw them away, give them away, or put them in a garage sale. What a morning!

Roo thinks of (and carries out) plans that never crossed PD’s mind, and I thought SHE was a challenge when she was three!

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2 Responses to Life…

  1. Amy says:

    I have a friend whose sister tried to flush her down the toilet! At least Roo didn’t try that one!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I think it might be hard to get PD to go down the toilet, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t try! I’m glad she didn’t try that one too!

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