The Little Things

The Little Things -

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The Little Things

A lot of the Be Fully Persuaded posts are testimonies of “big stuff” like how God saw us through unemployment and medical crises or how God helped a family deal with infertility. There are some stories of how God showed Himself faithful in the small things too, but I think often we think our story has to be huge and miraculous to be worthy of telling.

That’s not true. More often, we see God at work in the little things, if our eyes and hearts are open to see His handiwork.

Here are some little things that have added up to a big testimony of God’s care and faithfulness this week:

  • I finished a steroid dose pack (and was feeling better) before my husband left town on business.
  • The laundry was caught up before my husband left town.
  • BookGirl has been learning to cook, and both girls have been helping quite a bit with folding and putting away laundry.
  • I’ve been learning to put things away and go to bed when I’m tired, even if I’m not finished.
  • Errands were finished and there was very little on the family calendar for mid-week this week.

Why was this important? As my husband was leaving town, Princess Roo woke up sick. She was grumpy and had a scratchy throat yesterday. By last night, she had a lot of sinus congestion and an earache. She was up and down all night last night and spent today on the couch, which is a big sign that she’s sick!

Because of everything that happened before my husband left, I was able to spend time while he was gone taking care of Princess Roo’s needs without having to worry about a lot at home (because laundry was caught up and BookGirl was able to help with meal preparation, dishes, and a load of towels), away from home (because the calendar was mostly clear), or with online projects (because God has been teaching me to rest when I can and not work so late!).

As I look back at the past two days, I am amazed at how God perfectly orchestrated everything ahead of time to make this week as easy as possible! (And for those who are waiting for the post on Operation Order: It’s coming, but it will probably be next week!)

How do you see God at work in your life in the little things?

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2 Responses to The Little Things

  1. Rebecca says:

    Isn’t it amazing – every.single.detail belongs to Him! Praying for you sweet friend.

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