When a Mom is Supposed to Be Reading . . .

When a Mom is Supposed to Be Reading - jenniferajanes.comNote: I received some of the Tricia Goyer books I mention in my summer reading series free in exchange for sharing about them as I read. All opinions are my own.

When a Mom is Supposed to Be Reading . . .

Last week I invited you to read with me this summer. I read this week, but BookGirl had a birthday sleepover party last night, so I spent a lot of the week running errands, preparing the house, and baking to get ready. And that was after I took Princess Roo back to her allergist/immunologist, where she had allergy testing done again, and we mapped out a plan for elimination diets (starting Monday). Then I had to go to the eye doctor for some issues I’m struggling with—and then the house. You get the idea.

I did enjoy what I had time to read, though, so I’m going to share that with you now:

  • I am finished reading By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Tricia Goyer. I loved the prodigal son theme, and I’m a nerd about anything to do with the Titanic, so I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The tension created by knowing the ship would sink and not knowing which characters would survive/die and how made this a real page-turner.
  • I started reading Blue Like Play Dough by Tricia Goyer. I haven’t gotten as far into it as I wanted to, but so far the message that God joins me in the mess of motherhood is soothing to my spirit. If there was a week when I needed to know that God joins me in my mess, this was it!
  • I’m reading one section of Moms’ Night Out and other things I miss and Early to Rise for Moms each morning during my quiet time. They both speak to how I want my life to be—to remember to bring God into every part of my life as wife and mother, and to inspire me to get back to getting up early so I can start the day better for myself and my family.
  • Moms’ Night Out by Tricia Goyer is another one I’m finished with. Tricia did an amazing job of turning the movie into a book. She didn’t leave out a single detail!

I guess that’s about all I got done this week. I’m behind on my reading for Restless and really want to get back to that. Looking at it, though, I got more done than I thought! :)

Congratulations to Lena and Alicia who won the giveaway copies of By the Light of the Silvery Moon and Blue Like Play Dough!

On My Writing Plans

Because I need some accountability (which is why I told you my plans for the summer), I have to let you know that I haven’t made much progress on my book yet. I’ve already started it, but I feel like I’m writing aimlessly, with no plan. My goal for next week is to do: Module 4 from the course From Idea to eBook, which talks about outlining and writing your book, my book outline, and at least 500 words of writing the book. Hold me to it!

What did you read this week? What are you learning, or how is God using it to minister to you?

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4 Responses to When a Mom is Supposed to Be Reading . . .

  1. LaToya says:

    I completely forgot about the Idea to Ebook course. I remember paying for it but never found the time to go through it. I need to listen to that module too so I can get into gear with writing my book. We can do it!

  2. Rinda Hahn says:

    I think, as a mom it is so hard to give ourselves permission to write. Feeling like we can write when the kids go bed, when the laundry is done, or when we finally get the house clean, but sometimes it’s just about moving it up the list, and doing it. I have to give myself permission to write and then set a specific goal and do it. I don’t always meet the goal, but it sets the priority for me. I hope you get a lot accomplished, Jennifer!

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