From the Mouth of a Child

From the Mouth of a Child -

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From the Mouth of a Child

Wednesday morning I woke up to a phone call from my husband. He was on a business trip, traveling in the southeast part of the state, which is rural and filled with a national wildlife refuge, pastures, fields full of cotton, soybeans, or wheat (depending on the time of year), rivers, and not a lot of people. A warning light on his dashboard had just come on, and the implications were potentially devastating.

He prayed. I prayed. He made it safely to the next small town, and he stopped to check things out the best he could. Everything looked pretty good, so he drove carefully to a dealership in the slightly larger town he was planning to work in that day.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he got to the dealership safely. Then I began praying over the cost of the repair. We’re still digging out financially from the major plumbing project we had done last month, and I wasn’t sure how we would handle another major hit.

Princess Roo got up and climbed into my bed. She was singing the lyrics to “Only a Mountain” by Jason Castro. She said, “That’s a really good song. I like it a lot.” About this time, BookGirl got up. I asked them to pray for their daddy and explained that he was having car trouble. Princess Roo said, “You need to text that song to Daddy. It will keep him motivated when things get hard.”

I sent the text, and the girls and I listened to the song on my phone. It boosted my spirits as I spent the morning praying, helping the girls with their lessons, and trying to rest in God’s care, trusting Him with the outcome and the ability to pay for the repair.

Around lunchtime, I got a call from my husband. The dealership had called. The car was fine, and the repair was finished. Based on what we’d been told the problem was, we feared a bill that was $1000 or more. Instead, when he arrived to pick up the car and pay, it was less than $200. We were incredibly grateful, and I was reminded again how needlessly I worry about things, when God already has them covered.

The song our daughter shared with us that morning helped us to stay focused on God and the transient nature of our problems. He never fails us. He always provides guidance and encouragement, and sometimes He does it from the mouth of a child.

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  1. Angie says:

    God is so awesome! I just love that Roo gave you both words and a song of encouragement just when you needed it. So sweet!

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