Multitude Monday: 466 – 500

I’m still counting with Ann Voskamp and The Gratitude Community, and I’m halfway to my first One Thousand Gifts! Won’t you join me?

I’m thankful:

#466. for a homeschool co-op full of wonderful families to interact with monthly.

#467. for a very talented artist who taught the co-op about Antoni Gaudi and his work . . .

#468. . . . and then helped the kids begin their own mosaics! (We’ll add grout and finish them up in February.)

The blue/green color scheme my bookworm chose


The "pretty" mosaic of my little princess

#469. for opportunities (and multiple ways) to share what I’m learning with others.

#470. for sunshine and spring-like temperatures before the cold, cloudy winter days return.

#471. for a good pot of homemade deer chili. (I never thought I’d write that, but I’ve come to appreciate the taste of venison this winter!)

#472. for a day to rest and recuperate.

#473. for a new washing machine . . .

#474. . . . and plumbing that functions correctly.

#475. for a fun project to work on with the girls during the next few weeks. (More details coming Thursday!)

#476. for the anticipation of a break from the books to attend a Valentine’s Day party . . .

#477. . . . and a fun field trip we’re taking in February!

#478. for children who love God . . .

#479. . . . and are showing the development of discernment in their lives.

#480. for the amazing way God develops friendships between people who haven’t yet met in person . . .

#481. . . . and how He makes it seem like we’ve already met because our spirits have bonded in Him.

#482. for the beauty of a pink and purple sunset.

#483. for the peace that comes from being obedient to God.

#484. for the look of shock on others’ faces when you do what that still, small voice told you to do.

#485. for prayers that small acts of kindness will bring great glory to Him.

#486. for plans that were changed, but not canceled. (His timing is perfect!)

#487. for the joy of learning alongside my children.

#488. for pleasant and helpful customer service representatives.

#489. for people who know more than I do about “business” . . .

#490. . . . and are willing to share what they’ve learned.

#491. for a husband who believes in me.

#492. for friends who love with a sacrificial and unconditional love.

#493. for more information about worms than I wanted to know.

#494. for the fun of “digging for dinosaurs” at the kitchen table. (That project is still underway. It takes a long time.)

#495. for the wonder of seeing something new in every Bible in 90 Days reading.

#496. for the great discussions that come out of The One Year Fun & Active Devotions for Kids devotional we’re reading together each day.

#497. for questions the girls ask that cause me to dig deeper into the Word to find the answers.

#498. for academic progress that has Roo spelling out words we’ve studied as she plays—even when she’s not sure what they spell!

#499. for all the wonderful craft supplies the girls were given for Christmas. (The creative juices are flowing!)

#500. for the changes God has wrought in me while counting the first half of my One Thousand Gifts!

What blessings are you rejoicing in today?

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5 Responses to Multitude Monday: 466 – 500

  1. I just found out about Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Things. I am joining the Bloom Book Club @ in Courage. Thank you for the blog post….reminding me to have gratitude.

    • I have heard about the book club, but I haven’t checked it out yet. I guess I need to do that. I bought the book but haven’t read it yet! (Actually, I have scanned through different sections, but that’s it!)

      You’re welcome. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I’m headed over to visit you now!


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