My Family’s 10 Favorite Allergy-Friendly Foods

My Family's 10 Favorite Allergy-Friendly Foods -

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My Family’s 10 Favorite Allergy-Friendly Foods

We live with food allergies and intolerances at my house, and I am always amazed at the people who think we must be deprived because we avoid wheat, eggs, milk, and shellfish. To be honest, when we started this journey, I was convinced I would never find anything to feed my daughter, who has the most restricted diet. I feel very differently six years later, though. There’s a very real possibility that I will need to go gluten-free soon, and I’m really not that concerned about it because now I know what to do and that I’ll have lots of options!

We eat (and love) a variety of foods. Here are some of my family’s favorites:

*What works for our diet may not work for yours. Please consult your medical team for specific instructions for your situation. I will share links to our favorite allergy-friendly resources at the bottom of this post.

  1. Oatmeal pancakes. These have a heavier texture than their wheat-based cousins, but they taste great! When we first tried them, I wasn’t sure they were going to become a staple item. We learned to adjust to the texture, and now I can’t imagine eating the “regular” kind!
  2. Tacos. We read labels until we found brands of taco shells and seasoning mixes that met our needs, and we have tacos about once a week. I cook for 30 minutes, and it only takes 20 minutes for every bite to be devoured!
  3. Burritos. (Yes, we like Tex-Mex food.) We have to find tortillas that are milk-, egg-, and wheat-free that meet our Princess’s taste specifications, but everyone enjoys homemade burritos. They’re not difficult to make, either. All you need is some meat, fat-free refried beans, onions, garlic, salsa, and the kind of tortilla and cheese your diet permits.
  4. Loaded baked potatoes. Bake potatoes wrapped in foil until they’re done, and then add the toppings your family likes best! Some of our favorites are bacon, ham, cheese (if   safe), dairy-free butter, salsa, homemade chili, and more.
  5. Chili. Even in the heat of the summer, my kids get excited about chili. We have learned with my sensory-sensitive child who hates tomatoes that she will eat them if we purée them before adding them to the meat and beans. (I threw that tip in for free. 😉 )
  6. Oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. We found this recipe on the internet, and we eat way too many of these when I make them. If you try these, don’t say I didn’t warn you! (My daughter with a completely unrestricted diet likes them so much that she asked to have them made as a cookie cake for her birthday party.)
  7. Lentils and rice. This has only been a favorite for a few months. We sauté onions, garlic, and sliced carrots to add to the lentils while they cook. We prefer putting them over brown rice, but white rice is good too.
  8. Oatmeal muffins. I have to bake two batches of these when I make them. One is for us to eat immediately, and one is so we’ll have some for a few days. I used to make one batch at a time. That didn’t work because we never had any left for the next day!
  9. Deer steak and rice. I prepare the steak in the crock pot and let them cook all day. Then we pour it over rice, and even my picky eater loves it!
  10. 15-bean soup. This one is super easy. I buy the soup mix at the store and then add the meat (if any) and seasoning we like. I often do this one in the crock pot too.

What are your family’s favorite allergy-friendly foods?

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13 Responses to My Family’s 10 Favorite Allergy-Friendly Foods

  1. hsmominmo says:

    lentils and brown rice, venison in the crockpot are 2 family favorites at my house too. Though we don’t deal with food allergies here, you’ve given me a little inspiration, thank you!

  2. Jess says:

    There are so many, almost fun, ways to reinvent recipes to accomodate allergies!

    • Yes, there are! If you look at it as a game to figure out how to save money and cook allergy-friendly, it is a lot better than constantly thinking about what you can’t have.

  3. Amanda says:

    Thank you for the menu suggestions, sadly we have a few additional allergy restrictions, no beans or oats for us but they sure sound tasty! I am curious what kind of tortillas you use for your burritos? I love Tex-Mex & have enchiladas regularly, but have yet to find a good wrap for burritos etc.

    • I’m sorry you don’t have oats or beans. :(

      I would love to use the gluten-free tortillas that more closely resemble flour tortillas, but many of the ones I’ve seen have egg in them, so we can’t use them. I often end up using corn tortillas which work great for enchiladas, but I’m not as happy with them for burritos. I’m still looking for just the right thing for burritos.

  4. Sharon says:

    All sound great, where can I find your recipes?

    • Thanks! Many of my recipes are in the cookbooks I reference in my post “How We Prepare Allergy-Friendly Foods on a Budget,” which is linked at the bottom of the post. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Heather says:

    Yum. I’m going to have to check out the oatmeal pancakes. My little girl can’t have any grains except for oatmeal and quinoa. I’ll have to search for a recipe for the oatmeal pancakes and give these a try. She is definitely wanting to explore more foods.

    • It’s hard to not be able to have more than those two grains, Heather! I didn’t realize you were dealing with a restricted diet too. The oatmeal pancakes are great! They’re a little denser than buttermilk or other pancakes, but if you’re already used to eating “different,” I’m sure you’ll love them! They taste great!

  6. Anna Eisenzopf says:

    My daughter is deathly allergic to eggs. For days we’re in a hurry, I buy Van’s waffles that are egg-free and gluten free. Not the same as homemade, but works!

    • That sounds wonderful, Anna! I haven’t seen a lot of Van’s products here, but I found some over the weekend that worked for our needs, and the products we tried were wonderful! My husband is now on a campaign to talk to store managers in our area to bring Van’s to us! Thanks for sharing a new product line that works well for families with food allergies!

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