My Family’s Top 5 Books from MasterBooks for 2012


I joined MasterBooks as a Moms of MasterBooks review team member very recently because I love their commitment to providing families with books with a Biblical worldview and solid science background. I haven’t formally reviewed many books for them yet, but we have a stack that we are working our way through slowly and are really enjoying. Today I’m sharing our top 5 books from MasterBooks. You’ll get more details in days to come as we finish them and I write full reviews!

The True Account of Adam & Eve by Ken Ham. We really enjoyed the detailed explanation of how the Fall affected everything on the earth (not just people) and how God had already provided a plan of redemption. I was impressed with the easy-to-understand discussion of how the Bible shows we live on a young Earth.


Made in Heaven: Man’s Indiscriminate Stealing of God’s Amazing Design by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto is another favorite at our house. I read a section of this book aloud to the girls almost every day. I had no idea how much new technology is based on things in nature—and scientists and researchers can replicate only part of what they know because it’s so incredible!


Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham. (We have the enhanced eBook. Visit the iBookstore for that format.) We very recently began reading this book. Although we have spent a lot of time with it, we haven’t gotten very far because there is so much information packed into it! We especially enjoy hearing the dinosaur names pronounced and the explanations for how dinosaurs came into existence and what happened to them—all based on what the Bible says, not an evolutionary theory.


The Complete Zoo Adventure by Dr. Gary Parker and Mary M. Parker. We actually won this book at a MasterBooks social media party long before I joined the review team. We visit the zoo regularly when we take my younger daughter to specialist appointments, and the girls have loved using it to plan their zoo field trips. The anticipation builds even more, and there’s a wealth of new information about the animals to learn!


The Henry Morris Study Bible. We have barely begun using this great resource, but I am looking forward to using it for years to come. This Bible has the complete KJV text along with great notes and resources that focus on Creationism and science throughout the Bible, as well as explanations of difficult passages and other tools you would expect to find in a good study Bible.


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Disclosure: I received these books free from MasterBooks for review purposes or as a giveaway at a social media party. I was not asked to give a positive review of these books. All opinions expressed are my own. I only recommend products my family and I actually use and enjoy. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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