My Top 10 Must Have Items

It’s Tuesday again, and it’s time for another “Top Ten” list with iHomeschool Network and Angie at Many Little Blessings! Today’s topic is “Top Ten Must Have Items.” Write your own list and join in the fun by linking up at Angie’s!

I debated about whether to do items for homeschooling or general items in this list. Since last week was dedicated to homeschooling, I’m going to do a general list here. Get to know me a little better, and enjoy the ride!

  1. A Bible. I used to carry my physical Bible with me almost everywhere, but I don’t do that anymore. Now when we go to therapy and specialist appointments, I almost always have the kids’ school books with me too. To cut down on the load, I now substitute a digital Bible on Kindle or my phone. But I must have a Bible with me. Always.
  2. A cell phone. I remember not having a cell phone, but that was a long time ago. Now I can’t imagine life without one, especially since the girls and I are on the road so much traveling back and forth to our “local” children’s hospital, which is over two hours away. (I would also prefer that it be a smartphone to help me keep up with e-mail and other things when we’re away.)
  3. Make-up. I never thought I would be one of *those* women who must wear make-up every day. I learned when the girls were babies that a little bit of blush, mascara, and lip gloss go a long way toward helping me feel like me, not just a frazzled mama.
  4. A large purse. Unfortunately, all the goodies that wind up in my purse don’t belong to me. Somehow, my purse is a landing place for the things my husband and children get tired of carrying around. It has to be BIG to hold their stuff and mine too. I’m often amazed at the things I find in my purse, and I have no idea how or when they arrived!
  5. A tote bag. I prefer pretty ones, but any large tote bag will do. We have books, snacks, drinks, and toys to carry around in it. Whether we’re traveling around town or going out-of-town, I rarely leave home without a tote bag full of stuff!
  6. A computer. I remember the days before I had a computer at home. (I also remember the days before VCRs, but we won’t talk about that!) I can’t imagine not having a computer at home now. God has opened up so many opportunities for me that require a computer, and the girls use the computer regularly for lessons. It’s a wonderful tool!
  7. High-speed internet. Our connection isn’t as fast as some, but I’m thankful that we’re past the days of dial-up, which almost like having nothing now that web pages have so many graphics! Since the girls use websites for their schoolwork, and I use the internet daily to keep up with e-mail, my blog, etc., I’m very thankful for an adequate internet connection!
  8. Gum. Or breath mints. Either one works. My little one has to have something in her mouth all the time, or she’ll chew on her clothes, fingers, toes, hair, whatever’s handy. And because I have them with me all the time, now I’m hooked on them too. Have you tried the fruit punch-flavored IceBreakers mints? They’re yummy.
  9. A book. Really, a lot of books. I am addicted to books. I take a book with me everywhere I go. (As you can tell, we’re on the go a lot.) I get very frustrated if I find myself with waiting time and don’t have something to read. (This is where having the Kindle app on my phone comes in handy.)
  10. Pens with blue ink. I can write on almost any kind of paper (although pretty is good), and I often do. I write on whatever happens to be close at the time that I need something to write on. But I really don’t like to write in black ink. I did that for years because someone else said I should, if I wanted to be considered “professional.” I finally realized there was nothing to keep me from writing in the color ink I’ve preferred since I was a kid, so I switched back to blue. (I know. Call me a rebel!)

Well, now you know more about me. Tell me a little about yourself.

What is one of your “must have” items?

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

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9 Responses to My Top 10 Must Have Items

  1. Mary says:

    I used to wear makeup all the time- never left the house without it. Now, not so much. I like wearing makeup when it isn’t hot outside.

    • I don’t wear much, Mary. I’m not sure anyone would notice if I didn’t! 😉 I definitely understand about not wanting to wear it when it’s hot. There’s no point because it all slides off anyway. :)

  2. Carmen Propps says:

    As you know, I HAVE to have paper towels and handi-wipes. I also like the mascara and lip color idea. In fact, just add paper towels and handi-wipes to your list! :)

  3. Carmen Propps says:

    Although I prefer black ink. And I prefer gel pens to ballpoint.

  4. Becky says:

    I’ll agree on the computer, Bible, and high speed internet, definite musts.

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